I'd put all my funds into shorting tnc

On augur maybe? Just not sure if anyone would take the other side

Augur is a failed experiment

Act nice then get insulted feels bad

We are almost mooning

Im starting to think that wow gold investment is best atm

IExec team hasn’t announced anything good in weeks...


Also 80% owned by the chinese

GOD **** I cant just come up with good idea do I?

Nice physical property for electronic, can't be printed.

No recycling..

Nice physical property for electronic, can't be printed.

I could buy few tons of soviet electronics that is full of rare metals

Can I fork RLC and release and call you guys RLC-Classic?

Anyone here getting tired of Chico Crypto on youtube? The dude shills a project then it 5-10x, he brags about how accurate his calls have been and then once the price dumps he never talks about it again. He acts like this moral/ethical individual and trashes people that spam affiliate links like bybit etc. but he's just running a glorified pump and dump with his channel. Lots of people that follow him invest solely on what he says.

I can't blame the guy for doing what he does because I'm sure he's making a lot of money from it, but acting like he's this ethical figure and other youtubers aren't is ridiculous, he's doing the same shit just in a slightly different way

hell I was RLC for about a year before he shilled it then it went up like 4x after his video

then it dumped he never talked about it afterward, then he shilled ENG it ended up getting in trouble with the SEC then he never talked about it again

UBT goes up like 15x of course he'll still talk about since it's still doing well but when it dumps he'll never bring it up again, same with EWT

now people are shilling EWT as the new bitcoin, it's just ridiculous. This is why I don't take crypto youtube seriously, he's far from the worst offender but the way he acts "holier than thou" from other youtubers rubs me the wrong way

he was given inside info on UBT