back in one hour

Is it over now?

No way it's over. It's a correction due to Ethereum pump and thus whales get rid off weak hands who currently are selling RLC tokens to buy ethereum.

Why did other coins sustain but we dumped harder

Surely it must be over

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it will go up

Buy walls filling up boys & gals don’t worry.. sell at $12 or 1Billion market cap

I found it interesting, that eth is no longer considered as an altcoin

Long overdue it does 3X the daily revenue of King Btc.. eventually market has to wake up. I’m glad Iexec bet on ETh

Daily miner* revenue

Link is an expensive to run centralized price feed lol

Rlc already correcting from a meager pump but link keeps going

Marketcap and hype is also a bit differnet

Dont worry, eventually people will realize they need another 6 bill added to the marketcap to 2x

And they will start looking elsewhere

In the meantime we are doing the needful, and stacking our memes high

Our time is right around the corner frens

Wen baguette

Link has barely gone mainstream and now it’s popping up in news outlets. That barstool guy just bought a bag. Combined with institutional financial interest, probably gonna run straight to 100

4chan meme’d link into reality

Without the 4chan cult it would be like rlc I think. An academic project

RLC and link both need to go to 1000 eoy

They did the same thing in last presidential election

Xrp being kekd out in chan

And kek is blessing the cripplets
Sergey Nazarov
I don’t think it matters. 3b-6b went easier than 30m-60m

Missing the point . I dont care if it gains another 6 b, thats only a 2 x

Ppl will eventually look to take their money into projects that yield a greater chance for a bigger upside

2x is great, but 10x is better

I can see link steady gaining still, while people bounce in and out due to high volume

And pump the fuck out of tokens like rlc. Etc

Is... it ... over ?

Its never over....