Yes dump it to 2k sats

If it dumps to 2k sats i’ll be trigger happy with them buys

Everyone here will be. We are all greedily waiting

RLC $0.463 | 0.00005551฿L:0.00005464 | H:0.000061311h: -5.35% 😰24h: 0.76% 😏7d: 9.25% 🍻Vol: $1,342,[email protected] 🐳

Btc is at it again

more like fake pump crowd cashed out

Lol at calling that a dump

That was such manipulation pump out of nowhere

King Of Btc.. Btc must hate RLC.😕

Pretty sure they time btc pumps off RLC

I wouldn't call going to 6k sats a "pump"That was weak as hell

Felt a lot more organic than a random 30% pump on no news

Hopefully we can keep gaining over the up and coming weeks

Slow and steady gains and some year I may be able to upgrade from angel soft the charmin

So, btc will lead the uptrend, leaving rcl in a dust for now

Gooooodmorning friends🐼🇳🇱👍

Oh... Volume Up!🤝

RLC $0.488 | 0.00005742฿L:0.00005364 | H:0.000061311h: 0.57% 😏24h: 3.56% 😀7d: 13.01% 🎉Vol: $1,599,[email protected] 🐳

Time: 01/14/2020 05:08:21 pmShort: $222,380,050.00 (41%)Long: $323,849,799.00 (59%)

Always funny to see how big pumps make people long more

Btc new push to 9k

Time: 01/14/2020 07:46:08 pmShort: $213,978,650.00 (41%)Long: $313,015,851.00 (59%)

why that pos rlc mooning

it was dump yesterday


I dont want to live like this