Whales are making sweet sweet cash off stupid traders

RLC is a gold mine right now for whales

how hard bsv will correct?

I dont believe a fuck that you time it all perfectly

So the dump is because of you Callum 😱

i must admit i didnt have the greatest entry

Dose it really matter?

I can only imagine the stress trying to swing trade btc pumps w alt coins and attempting to secure single digit % returns

When is the pamp over

This is getting boring already

cup and handle in volume!

feri boolish sign sir


Fuck dont rekt me this way

I finally decided to swing and ur telling me this is gonna pump?

im saying that its a shit market.

Ok so we are going to 1600sats again isnt it?

Let my dreams come true

Im selling my motorbike if it hits 1600

people are then depressed as fuck

because its the end then

Thats when I buy

i did at capitulation, made 4x on that amount.

Thats when I took a credit and when all yolo lmao

you can find it in this telegram

He's having a hard time fondling the 0.5Dash makes you want