wake me up when we make it

seems like youre awake 24/7 anyway

dont want to miss the moment

only ultra zero sustains me in such dark times

30yo Boomer
If not you better not go outside to kiemas

do not threaten me, i have influental friends in my designated shitting street


Faketoshi pump organic af

Faketoshi pump organic af

Might be Faketoshi...but he just earn himself a couple for hundreds of millions of dollars in just a few days

Fakrtoshi is an idiot man

Yup. Bitconnect tier guy

I know he it's a scam coin and the guy it's awfull... But I take my hat off to him... People still buy it and he gets even richer


That's what he said in his new yatch ... The one @russzn92 was suppose to buy

Need to make this w faketoshi

inb4 one with Gilles

30yo Boomer
inb4 one with Gilles

Gilles is what peak performance looks like though

He gives presentations shirtless, and commands the room

Size 10x PhD brain

“This alpha male PhD is handing you the next 100x, and basically you are a genius”

Now set forth, and do the needful

If only I wasnt such lazy pos

omfg bc vanishu nr 3


Yep. Very alt season like. Hopefully we see a lot more of 100% pumps for no fucking reason :)

Imagine if there will be an announcement of listing BSV on binance or coinbase


This means bear market is still not over