I'd probaly wait a bit and see if rlc goes down a bit. Then buy.

Or make a stop loss higher so you dont miss if it takes off

is it market manipulation to put order for 1M at 7000 sat?

lol what makes you think this is market manipulation

You exactly know what I mean. If another one is reported to me you'll be restricted for a while

And we know your attempts

ofcourse you have seen those pms

i wrote them on purpose

instead of being a moonboi just support the project

to sparky and sg😂😂

as a joke🤣🤣🤣

but lets think rationally

Ah yeah, spin the story.

how can a whale buy rlc in volume?

without it being labelled “manipulation”

i put big order at price i am comfortable - u say whale wall

without it being labelled “manipulation”

You can do what you want. Going to other big holders to collude on action is not allowed here

@Azula_Agni would you consider yourself an expert LARPist

I sell my stuff at price i want - you say whale dumping

We have 2 m usd volume a day. Take your time and you can buy how much you want

A whale has to slowly accumulate or pump it a little there is no other option

which is not manipulation

but legal otc trade kinda gig

Until volume picks up you're fucked lol

It's not about the method. This is not a debate we're having. People are not to be contacted trhough this chat for otc trade or market manipulation.

End of the warning, let's move on

@tholas is your cat male/ female/castrated?

I prefer his last avatar

This is serious tholas

Cause technically castrated is not male or female, that's why I added it

Konijntje 🦆
This is serious tholas

I don't remember why I changes. I was pissed for some reason and took that picture lol

Ducks for example

Not a lot of animals in this chat

Will choose some for myself

@konijntjex i've put the old one, RLC pump cooled me

Less scary and intimidating

Now im more intimidating