@russzn92 are u alive? 🦆

He's waiting for times of despair

thats when you know you found russo.

It's still not an insurmountable wall he does not care a bit about our mouth. At some point everyone will sell


You still think a bit more down?

Yeah probaly down a bit more. But still am of opinion we wont breach through 6k

The chico crypto video made some buys and hype but volume decreasing.

We are allready at a critical level so lets hope we can manage to hold this level ...

Its at least going up now

Si Bo
We are allready at a critical level so lets hope we can manage to hold this level ...

Ofc we will, I don't see the price catching in a durable way when v4 is that close


tbh i dont see that happening

You see the litlle arrows in the green boxes ? that means that it can exceed the speed of light ...

You know what will happen right, if we moon ?

Better consolidate on these new higher levels ...

I am not so sure it can breach the 8000 wall. Probably also because it's not just the wall itself, but whales below it trying to play.

This with keeping in mind how much we pumped already

In time, it will breach ofcource. But when? Might not be this week.

Wise conclusion !

It's also obvious from this 200k buy wall right now

It gets put up, and removed and rlc drops again

If you check the RSI we are seriously overbought simple !

Hm, he legit wants the rlc now it seems

40k dumped on his ass, the wall is not moving

Hope he gets his rlc if he plans to hold, not to dump straight before 8000 again😅


Imagine, if some shit happens and the price drops back to 0,18$😂This would be hilarious

So many people would rage and literally suffer depression

I remember the 2018 crash

This was really an apocalypse to so many people

Somehow got out right before the dump started

Annoying to read above kids posts! 🤦🏻‍♂

Cookies and Bitcoin - hang loose!
Annoying to read above kids posts! 🤦🏻‍♂

Why so aggressive? I wrote this as a possibility, not as a way of thinking myself

As I wrote, I referred to the crash in 2018

So Nvidia announcement before or after v4 release?