Maybe take a walk outside , some fresh air might do you good, We'll be waiting and we're here whenever you've come around and are ready to make amends

If à big us listing happen right after v4 it will lesser the dump. Same if a big requestor is announced

We know the v4 alone announcement won't be enough to sustain the price at the prev4 pump level. But maybe the team this time will react accordingly

Coin tend to moon when you least expect it. The v4 dump ( if it happens) could also be a huge bear trap

Then get us a +500% and leave everyone behind for a new wave of holders

Look at what the Google blog post did for Chainlink, now imagine what a big requestor (ex. EDF) using iExec would do or a giant cpu/gpu supplier using iExec (Genesis Mining) -> which is going to use iExec.

IMO, from the media hyped people, there is 1 person with a remarkable skill - Warren Buffett.You know what's special about this man?No, not his ability to eat tons of sweets and burgers)His ability to find gems,invest in them and hold. If he invests - he believes and holds, waits not days, not months, but years. Take a look at his history, learn from it. Its free for now, we all have access to info.If someone wants to succeed, he needs to be strong, patient and be able to see the things others can't.Will drop it here. Had an urge to write this 👇 down for some reason

Warren has connections and has team of full time researchers that dig info and turn every carpet. He can at unparalleled rate know about a new project far more than one of us can.

The Warren Buffett of iExec would be someone who invests really early, holds funds, and then uses gains to get dividends through renting out computing power. Then using those profits from being a worker/scheduler/validator to invest in new projects.

All I am saying is we cant all become warren buffet for a reason

It is more likely a Zuckerberg is among us

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Warren has connections and has team of full time researchers that dig info and turn every carpet. He can at unparalleled rate know about a new project far more than one of us can.

What you describe is access. Warren didn't have the access he has now when he first started out. He forced access by being aggressive in his pursuit of knowledge. There's one story about him when he was first starting about interviewing a janitor at Geico's offices in the middle of the night. Of course as you acquire more capital access becomes easier. You have to fight for your access in the beginning. But, markets only reward the fighters, right?

Both professional similar to me in their early days

not just try to copy someone else’s steps

Of course, old tricks don't work as the market learns them and adapts to them.

I wasn't saying to copy him I was just reasoning your statement on Warren's resources and how you could never compete with him

and there were thousands that did on paper same approach as buffet

Copying someone has negative unit economics. Profitability lessens for each copy.

I would love to see everyone here hold RLC untill 2030

and every single one of us regardless of holdings become a millionaire

Clinically Depressed Cat (In Therapy)
and are not note worthy at all today

You can copy a strategy, but not it's execution/logistics. There's a million steps from an idea to a product.

but the truth is 99% will sell at 2x, 4x, 10x

im holding until i hit 1 mill, need to 30x to do it

maybe 10 months from now I will also need 30x

nah we wont go much lower

I swear everytime something completely unexpected happens

Sometimes life feels mike god is the market maker trading against me

v4 should lead to some real world adoption