so dont expect december to bring all big names

v4 -> PoC spam -> Pilots -> Innovation leaders scaling -> Their industry followers adoption

There will probably be a 6 to 10 month period of onboarding enterprises

hopefully iExec will hire a larger biz team to onboard enterprises

Also good to know cloud in general is new

but the integrations should be faster if they already have some working group

many businesses only now considering moving to cloud

i expect a lot of oracle projects to join the network with the first two months however

Shanghai Blockchain Week is an important international event for everyone involved in the space. We talked with the likes of representatives from Binance, Huobi, Chainlink, and Decent blockchain. JC also met the Chief Innovation Officer of Wanxiang Innova City, the proposed Blockchain-powered City in Hangzhou. We’re sorry though — it is still a little too early to give more details on anything else right now!

this was a positive from today's blog post^

Sell All !!! ah ah ah i'm kidding i'm happy i've awakened the community. Rlc forever

a beautiful hold on the 7200

Konijntje 🦆
Maybe during v4, dont expect anything before that.

If they were smart they would hold all information til after V4 to continue the attention

Withholding news seems unbeneficial to the project

Withholding news seems unbeneficial to the project

blowing their load all at once just leads to market selling like every other version dump

need a constant stream of really good news to keep interest high and garner attention from the market

Team shouldn't protect the price by doing so tho. I just don't see the benefit of delaying news because it would delay any future events that could develop from that news

I keep buying, looking forward to a bright future

well remarks the sales of 19000 to 22000 which accumulate in a few seconds ..... destruction of 6 hours of work in a few seconds without volume it is not possible to pass the wall


Is this the minute chart? Nobody looks at the minute chart


Everything will get eaten eventually

Anyone has an official date when V4 goes live?

Cookies and Bitcoin - hang loose!
Dec. 2019. No fixed day.

Thanks. It’s around the corner. Buy the rumor ... so expecting a much higher price until main net arrives

They actually said 13th of december

Who said this?

Don't actually remember, and I can't find the messages. I think @tholas might know.

Isn't there a way to find my older messages quickly

Kay P

Okay, thanks! 👍Anyway, December will do. It’s not that RLC has no main net, but with V4 we can expect new adoption and partners ... and higher prices 😉

Whats ur thoughts if money comes in the market ? People will buy rlc like they bought neo??

This consolidation phase > $0.6 is really cool but I hope we have the fuel to go higher The strong 7500 resistance is scary


Just pump my bags already

Guys its easy.. just accumilate under that wall. When we got enough rlc we can break that wall easy. Just a few btc.Or sit back and relax🤘