Btc is the most looked at in crypto, there,'s too many currency coins to choose from.

So that actually helps bitcoin

Konijntje 🦆
Yeah, so you should be bullish

Well i neither bear nor bull.For now the market is basically in line with my observstions and ta.But yeah I have my indicators that could signal a trend reversal.But so far no..

2022 as i said

U r thinking too ahead think first of 13 dec😀

I invest, not gamble

Internet monopoly tokens not gamble ok😂

I invest, not gamble

Roulette is gambling..Trading is educated guessing based on probabilities

Black swan

that fire looks like RLC's chart

a consil the best restaurant in stasbourg the building dates from 15 century where you will go thanks to rlc

this is the top ... in the meantime it would be necessary that rlc goes back to the suface ... tonight I hope

hoping for tonight Go Rlc. a win is needed to reach the $ 1.5 minimum before v4

What does that mean?

Bitcoin was about 1k less and RLC capped out @ .74 around v3 release. V4 has quite a bit more going on and btc is up a bit.... i think the real pump is yet to come.

BTC $8,179.500L: $8,148.82|H: $8,610.961h: -1.50% 😑24h: -3.69% 😥7d: -9.03% 😰Vol: $26,023,585,5652x CRO Staking - OKEx💸

So we might see 10k sats again

daddy btc not happy

Huoox - MRPH , CS, RLC
Cup and handle is build

Handle down will take us to 7000 region and that's being conservative

Remember in order to form the handle we need short term bearish

You can't have the big movement you have been begging for without some downward movement to validate the c&h

thats a heavy dump :(

Gotta say it’s nice seeing xrp, eos, and tron fall harder than everything else

BTC $8,179.500L: $8,148.82|H: $8,610.961h: -1.50% 😑24h: -3.69% 😥7d: -9.03% 😰Vol: $26,023,585,5652x CRO Staking - OKEx💸

It's been a gradual weekly decline

I wouldn't be so quick to blame on btc


Recipe's name please ?

Recipe's name please ?

buy a raclette machine, buy raclette cheese, buy charcutterie, and boil potatoes

melt cheese on machine and pour on food