Master move by iexec, they get delisted o purpose from binance us then relisted again for major pampe

im not complaining

i bought the dip :)

RLC is the strongest long term coin imo

lowest risk in my portfolio.

imagine in 5 years RLC is 10000$

the crypto marketcap will be over 10T in 5 years

100 is a fair assumption to make when adoption comes.

yes but thats mostly because it will be used as currencys.

so probaly currency coins

the future is all about computations :)

isnt it funny how whenever RLC goes insane BTC decides to take a fat shit

prognosis on rlc in the coming hours

8k sats is lowest i think and we might not even get there

i think it turns around in a couple days

maybe in a week itll turn around as the handle forms

No it all depends on btcIf btc dump then rlc dumps tooWhich it will because btc is likely going to 6k in December

i think downward movements are slowed by having a USDT pair

and i disagree i think BTC will go to 16k

everyone is fearing btc, and im here like...i should open a long.

strong hands hold

We need to form the handle for the c&h. We kinda formed it on the usd pair. Time to know if will in sat for the dip

Formed c&h in satoshis??

Wheres the start of the cup? I think im thinking in the wrong cup

Where is RLC early next year?

If it can be $1 - $5 is be happy

dyor and you ll see that this is very possible

I did my dyor I’m just curious what everyone else thinks

10 dollar kinda like that

Eventually. But not by first quarter. 2020

you can calculate yourself by marketcap and supply and the price

Pump in progress?

It ssomeone probably trying to start a pump

Who the fucking selling again