so satying thay there won't be adoption in 2020 to move price is not event pessimistic

pump by 1000 stats omg we adopting n sheet 10 eoys dumps 1k omg its over

I think speculative value is already a lot higher if companys start to use iexec

just dont be surprised when nothing happens in 2020 goys😁

retail traders man....

RLC could announce Adoption from Jesus and we'll get 2% pump

Iexec's gonna make it big.And I'll bet you $60,000 the middle of 2020 on that

All those who say it is not so can then share the 60K among themselves

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa could not care less

"RLC announced full china adoption, everything its now powered by iExec, Shanghai and Hong Kong are fully dependant on power provided by iExec"

Cut that part out and u will be fine

7400 should be the approximate bottom

Rlc needed a good correction. Chart still looks quite healthy

That was a short journey

But but but but v4???

> Joined 11:55> random price prediction at 11:57 telling people to sellSeems legit

You will get insta-banned as it's litterally pajeet-tier swing tactics

My message was deleted and blocked, what a wonderful chat you have 🥳

Dec Friday the 13th


Just based on an MA or SMA support?

We had to have the correction sometime

I think about 7.4k lowest

Azula lurking the chat with his sideaccounts

Dunno but im sure hes here again