Oh the one that only talks before 9am and after 5pm cus of wage-cucking, and the larps as a female all weekend?

Yes well never changed my mind.. rlc is going to moon hard verry soon.V4 is the thing to be bullish.. With this product we can see manny more listings (coinbase is 100% posible).

I did not know that we would dive so low the water is a little cold .... but it's beautiful the abyss

Guys is there a way to rent gpu to make workers?

when will the price move in relation to v4. in 1 day or 8 days?🌔

8000 was low enough for me to buy shitload🤪

People pumped ENG hard.. so was easy converter.. eng is far off from a product.. while iexec is verry close to launch v4. No brainer to go full in rlc.

today or tomorrow pump 🌔🌔🌔

Simple TA.. cup and handle patern..We are in the handle now

The only TA that works is when I sell it pumps, when I buy it dumps

Spike announce when you buy and sell and we'll trade on it

Ok Im going to sell my full stack

I am back 🔙

How's it going?

No "aaahhhh" from Spike? Guess it's the wrong channel

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Do you think Iexec is the going to be the next ethereum?

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I mean how ethereum has dapps built on its platform. Do you think blockchain dapps will be using Iexec sidechain

eth about to get shut down

eth is funded by north korea

30yo Boomer
you sound like antisemit

?Are u a kid or just stupid?Before you write a word, read the definition first. Or, if you don't know the meaning, don't write it.

Any sane person would just ignored

30yo Boomer
eth about to get shut down

@tholas is spreading misinfo allowed in the iExec community?