30yo Boomer
Any sane person would just ignored

This is a small community and I will do my best to through retards out.

It's clearly ironic

Sure. Ironic can be called literally any statement. Don't get the protection of trolls, sorry.

I'm not protecting him, i'm just reminding you not to bite to something so obvious

On the internet you'll be biting all day

Alright, if that's fine for the most, then so shall it be.

close the computer, walk outside, who cares what trolls say in a small chat on a small matter

live yo' life mate


yes 7400 to 7000 rock bottom. below that we could dive a lot.


Fibbonacci lines, that being said, i don't believe the "dive a lot" bit.

I've got 6860 as 0,382 retracement from this whole move

It will bounce 7.4k lowest

dont have7400 at all


7400 is correct

it also has history from V3 release

Guys help, can i buy rlc on Binance with a smartphone??Im on vacation in another country and i don't have my laptop with me.Is it safe to buy with a cellphone??

on which information do you base this

Ill sell at that price so itll pump to the moon after that

If you get binance app from the appstore or google play youll be fine

i think i called 7500 bottom of the handle

next 2 weeks will be interesting

If the handle si true we will need a slow bleed from 7900 to 7500 over this week

Over the coursee of the week a lot more can happen

yeah everything could pump 50% tomorrow, anything can happen

I’ve never seen a project as manipulated as this coin

Small supply easily controlled 🤷‍♂️