In general fud to sell increased for every alt

Its like somebody wants to buy cheap

iExec is doo doo and poo poo pls sell

Nice Chain Link profile pic

Yeah got in chainlink below 20cent, fantastic investment. I’m sat on the fence with rcl! With good reason

Are we dumping or just retrace

Are we dumping or just retrace

I dont know. What I know for sure is Im getting rekt

Wow, 5400. With v4 coming?!

carp wait going to make new account and post random numbers

ppl are realizing that team wont shill their release before v4 unlike v1-3 😀

Will the pain ever stop?

Here comes all the negative nancy's

Just like with other coins

Red candles and they come and try to make it go lower

Konijntje 🦆
Red candles and they come and try to make it go lower

wrong. it is a therapy, if this channel did not exist half of the ppl online now would be hanging from their ceiling

Damm I should have waited. Bought at 85 and 8

Just a lil correction

This is ridiculous , I buy more

Blackfriday hits crypto woohoo

30yo Boomer
Or in short this is correction

how much we can get this down to buy more any idea or guess or prediction

this is the bottom

wanna buy more? i'd buy now then.

or you can hope for a total crash, but dont think we are at that level yet

Team 10X technical side of iExec

the price crashes quite hard while in bullish mode, if you legit want more rlc, i'd say you should do it now.

Relax it's just whales trying to squeeze every last RLC out of morons before V4 takes off