Most easily manipulated coin like I said yesterday

I just think people are impatient/dont belive in v4 and think the pumps over so they dumping. Combined with no one really buying.

Chainlink is dumping so hard too! I'm still very bullish on RLC though

suave strips of buggies

Its like some coordinated dump

Chainlink isn't good tho.

Nothing dumping as much as rlc...

Jdan Ivanov
Nothing dumping as much as rlc...

Nothing pumping as much as rlc... Only a question of timeframe 🙄

everything lost 1/3 ot 1/4 of value

👆this. Nothing goes up forever

A bigger rise probably means a faster drop if everything goes down

Either way volume has been pretty weak this run when you look at the 1D chart. The day of V3 saw $35m in volume. I'm looking forward for when the actual pump comes. My price target is still augur.

So is mine around 10

Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... And my arm... even my fingers... The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting...

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Here is idea everyone is expecting btc dump and exiting market

why btc would dump? it could only because of incoming cme options coming soon

it wont be long till btc flies hard, with the upcoming halfing.

well, i am getting a btc bag soon probably

I dont believe in memes

well next year things should start moving

Ti's a joke

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abstract he dump before v4 and he dump after v4 result 0.2 $ in 15 days let's be clear

can someone block black swan?

he might need to pass kindergarden first

you should by stock/coin not for the probable immediate gain, but for the good fundamentals and long term growth

nobody is happy with price decline, but it is a part of the market

does this decline look healthy to me? no... but I can wait

Think this slow bleed may continue for a while

healthy correction was due here,,,

welp at least buy orderls got filled

ok now that everyone sold whats next token to ride pnd?



well its not teams fault just curry people exitconnected

mmm just imagine some of people will be able to eat curry every day from now on

Love buying the weakhands coins💪👈

i think ppl selling before v4 will get rekt

they are trying to time pumps from other coins