Stop the pump/dump questions... Bitcoin is pumping, so everything is pumping, simple as that. Only a few coins, that noone cares about are dumping - money flowing out of them to be invested in real strong projects.

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I’m not a tech guy nor do I know how a mining rig is setup of but I have a question that I’m not sure of. Could bitcoin, perhaps on V4 announcement, mining rigs one day be used to “mine” RLC?

I think ethereum will flip bitcoin at some point, I get called crazy for that

if eth flips bitcoin

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Looking 95% likely

Let's break down why V3 went -95% and why V4 will not.V3 - No one wants to adopt because the tech, even though it is there, it's too slow and expensive to use.V4 - Sidechain (long anticipated, zero cost on contract interaction, scaleable), Bag of Tasks (splitting bigger tasks between more workers, making the computation faster), GPU Support (allowing more types of hardware to provide it's resources to the iExec network, including small mining groups that might not find mining profitable anymore after the bitcoin block difficulty increase. - it's worth mentioning that gilles previously thought this would not be possible on iExec, but again iExec manage to deliver on subject that was not previously thought to be possible with their tech. they should shift to rlc soon

Rlc is my new bitcoin

2. You can't assume workers will sell RLC all their RLC earned or right after computations. Yes, workers will sell to pay for their expenses. But their expenses are baked into their price they list on the market. Workers make the network more valuable so they would keep the profit most likely as an investment. Check the history of bitcoin miners. In your heard you're assuming 90% revenue is being sold on Binance. If this was true Bitcoin would be at $1. There's many studies on this

I don't take into account the fact that workers will sell tokens back to the market

It seems like you thought this all in your head and forgot to use logic, case studies (bitcoin miners), and an unbiased approached.