As for now, Bitcoin is gold, and it is one that is trusted and will be trusted more as time goes

I am from the Bitcoin developer team

hello looking seller Bitcoin payment bank transfer deal direct B2B f2f Europe kyc pof is possible who would be interested please contact me

I mean the price of bitcoin the past few years has almost solely been based off of big players liquidating retail to make more money for themselves, they could give two shits where the price goes

Noticed remarkable thing.After bitcoin halving whales massively buying alts.

Wasnt rlc almost @ 1$ last time btc was at 4.5k ?

The price was close to a RLC 1dollar before Bitcoin the fall.0.30CENT After Fall

30yo Boomer
Ok now thats totally over

What kind of car you'll never see a bitcoiner driving?

This shit is a bubble and unfortunately bitcoin is pegged to the S&P 500 as another speculative asset

Bitcoin is the S&P 500’s bitch

Get on kucoin or binance futures and sell a borrowed amount of bitcoin or usdt for bitcoin and bet against the market. You can set a stoploss as it shows you on there. Stoploss will prevent you from liquidation and losing everything. Or once you are in profit you use a trailing stoploss that will kick you out if the trade starts going the wrong way by x amount of dollars or whatever.

staking eth isnt a use case, it would mean bitcoin mining is a use case

1. Pump Bitcoin2. Pump ETH and top alts3. Pump sh*tcoinsThat’s how money moves in crypto