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Hello guys, what is the reason of the pump?

I'm inclined to say a fat-finger buy , but if that were the case it looks more like someone slipped,fell and broke his fucking neck on this one. So either Gilles is hereby an indirect contributor towards the cause of death of a clumsy yet hopefull ex-blockchain/cloud-computing enthousiast. Or we're dealing with a p&d group doin their thang

I dont see any competitors in blockchain cloud

Look at DevCon5. Chainlink stole the show because they were in contact and created a blog post with John Wolpert. John Wolpert is the head of IBM blockchain. He didn’t even know iExec existed.

adoption of cloud computing is long but transferring everything on blockchain is fast

A Blockchain dev and a Cloud dev doesn’t have the same capabilities but they can find synergies over iExec tools

Not for me, still extremely undervalued

Remember this?"Driving Demand for Enterprise Smart Contracts Using the Trusted Computation Framework and Attested Oracles via Chainlink"7 OCTOBER 2019 at Devcon5Chainlink reporting before official channels were shared from Microsoft, Intel & iExec in total 7 companies that had committed to the code.The thing is that then and now nothing has been contributed by chainlink to Hyperledger Avalon and officially commit to github.Let's go back to what is now developing;March 2020 - Release 0.5. This release was focused on proxy model implementation and integration of Hyperledger Besu and Hyperledger Fabric blockchains.April 2020 - a minor release 0.5.1 is planned to address few bugs and missing corner cases.The plan for releases (0.6, 0.7, ...) to be done roughly quarterly in 2020.Avalon code contributions come from multiple companies - Intel, IBM, iExec, WiPro, Consensys / Kaleido, Santander, Espeoand (planned for 0.6) Chainlink.planned, nothing contributed, more contexts ->Adding attested oracles end-to-end use case (to be contributed by Chainlink)From the Chainlink White Paper:A still greater opportunity, however, lies in the ability of trusted hardware to provide strong confidentiality. The need for confidentiality is in general one of the main hurdles to blockchain deployment. Confidentiality-preserving oracles can be instrumental in solving the problem.Chainlink development so far:Trusted Compute Framework [TCF] support [in progress]- Trusted Execution Environment [TEE] support + Intel SGX [in progress]Then I read a partnership with Chainlink on April 27 -> "IRISnet Integrating with Chainlink to Support Interchain Interoperability Using Real-World Data"Chainlink is developing the most advanced oracle network for trusted execution environments (TEE). A TEE is a black box computing environment that guarantees code execution and input data with respect to confidentiality and integrity. Chainlink's Town Crier is the first successful implementation of a TEE based oracle.Town Crier's last commit on github was Updated on Jul 18, 2017After many promises and take away honor from others Chainlink is no less than an empty intention with many expensive adapters running without modification. on the Ethereum Mainnet Pease

iExec sms solution
Had one question about this:

The workers are requested on the fly means that with each contribution to start new docker containers when performing tasks.1. A pair of private key and public key is generated inside an enclave2. The worker sends the public key to the scheduler via a secure channel signed by Intel SGX3. Remote Attestation for public key using IAS (Intel Attestation Server), proving the key is actually generated inside an enclave4. The scheduler sends a message, which includes the public key, to the blockchain authorizing the worker to contribute to a specific work order.5. The worker runs the dapp inside or outside the enclave and signs the result with the enclave's private key inside the enclave.6. The worker sends the contribution report, which includes a signature and can be verified on-chain, to the blockchain.

Something to look forward to in between the July and September V5 releases!Get ready for iExec Academy: the platform making blockchain, decentralization and Cloud Computing accessible for everyone.Oh, and let us know if you have any content-related suggestions!

Will this be a decentralized AWS? Or am I reaching 😅

We're focusing on making the platform as easy (easier even) than traditional cloud computing platforms. We're carrying out work focused on the classic cloud developer, with all blockchain aspects 'hidden' behind an easy to use interface. More on that later...

Announcement:iExec is proud to represent blockchain as new joiners in the Confidential Computing Consortium alongside Facebook, Google Cloud, Nvidia and others!"CCC’s new members as well as existing ones like Google Cloud, Baidu & Alibaba deal with sensitive data."