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What's that mean?

It's not deserving of the mcap. Shouldn't be worth more than entire blockchains. It's almost worth as much as monero lol

i was answered well on AMA with the partnerships that they hold

even if iexec did not have partnerships the technology makes sense. why should computing power be negotiated with aws or google cloud?iexec allows computing power to flow like water from a sink you can turn on and off when neededanyone can participate because blockchain cuts all the infrastructure requirements, safety, trust, and middlemen

That's my point, chainlink don't support SGX at the moment. The gateway attempts to be as trustless as possible. When ChainLink supports TEE and system actors have a guarantee that a specific version of the Fiat payment adapter code is running it will be virtually trustless. Until then actors must trust that the external adapter (currently running as a serverless function on AWS) is running without modification.

honestly I don't see the point of separating TEE execution and API query when it all could be done securely by one party. It seems nice to have multiple steps between actors but ends up being an unnecessary security issue and causes an avoidable bottleneck. Chainlink is like a bunch of one way streets (nodes) limited by each nodes compacity while iexec is like a 100+ lane highway(worker pool) limited by the blockchains TPS.

At the same time at v4 the structure is ready to welcome and scale blockchain project and bring them privacy

So on the short term iexec will see its first usage and adoption by the blockchain world

Jack Johnson
it doesn't need a shill, it needs utilization

True, v4 is a starting point. Market ready for blockchain dapp world, and big partners will start poc and pilots as soon as q1.

But so far in the blockchain world, iExec iaas and SaaS is pretty unique. Same for the value it brings

Based on Ultrain, we are committed to providing a computing service called trusted computing. This is a brand-new computing service model that differs from traditional cloud computing. Compared with traditional cloud computing, it is a new computing model based on the blockchain architecture. This computing model includes CPU computing, GPU computing, memory computing, hard disk resources, bandwidth resources, etc., which can all be included within the scope and framework of the entire trusted computing. All the computing has the characteristic of blockchain computing, that is, all data based on trusted computing and operations on these data cannot be tampered with or destroyed and are transparent to all and traceable.

It could use any blockchain

> Chinese president calls to focus more on blockchain.> iExec already has a smart city experiment together with the chinese government.> Now they get a full delegation on how iexec can help china in everything computing related.> People dump.

hey SG, I currently live in my parent's basement but I know about all the blockchains and crypto stuff, who do I get in touch with to hold an AMA with your team. I'm a very busy man so I will need an answer quick and it must fit in with my schedule

Huoox - MRPH , CS, RLC
Yes thats good enough.Well i dont hold any link anymore.. 1bil marketcap most gains are allready made.. so always looking for others.. rlc wont sell any under 1 bil marketcap. And with full bullrun i think it might go to 10bil..Bought rlc (70%) and eng(30%)with my linkies.

I have kinda the same mindset, i've been selling my links too but now i had to buy back to get it atlest 50% of my portfolio. Some guy in some Telegram said once that Chainlink will be the next thing that starts bullrun and at that time i just laughed at it, but now i understand it may really happen. Blockchains just can't connect their database to offchain / real world data without oracle or some shit.

Rather see my address rot into the blockchain than transfer my rlc

Last month searching a lot of Chinese content on the web. There is a lot of traction from blockchain in combination with tee. It's all ready happening.
judging by your profile picture you're an amateur investor too

Iโ€™m not one of these who dies by one project, each blockchain has something to offer. Iโ€™m not a btc Maximalist nor link nor rlc ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

we're not dealing with "serial entrepreneurs" here.. iExec are guys that dedicated their life to grid computing and were at the right place at the right time with blockchain technology

Most teams in crypto only looked at crypto after the fact. iExec was unknowingly searching for blockchain their whole careers.

and trust me they happily will use this blockchain hype to promote azure anyday

I mean how ethereum has dapps built on its platform. Do you think blockchain dapps will be using Iexec sidechain

Not yet met the smart-city-service robots from the collaboration between iExec, Intel and SHIFT? Learn more on the Intel blog or BreakerMag article:BreakerMag: blog:

Well getting ultra bullish on rlc right now. Did some more research on the partners ibm, microsoft ,aws they all speak about a hybrid blockchain(private,public). They need the rlc cloud. Its a huge competition the cloud industrie. Those companies are the biggest on earth. Head is exploding with all the reads๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฏ If iexec can do what they say and those companies are testing it and are happy.Everyone here will be mindblowed. We all hope it will go above 5bil marketcap in next bullrun.Well if those companies will use iexec this can pull off 100bil marketcap and higher like its nothing.Sure that will only happen if whole market also blowing upp. Probely most off you cant see this.. why doesnt all those partners buy upp all the rlc tokens? Because they will first test it and then hopefully use it. When they are happy then they buy all your coins like its nothing.I donโ€™t like it to see people saying this isnew eth or that or this.. but RLC has verry big change to get a BIg marketcap in future even above 100bil. (Yes i also think im grazy).Found some intresting stuff to go deeper.

but why whole blockchain market?

Well John Wolpert (cofounder of ibmblockchain and hyperledger) retweeted enigma and apparently doesn't know what iexec is lol. Just gets confusing sometimes.

iExec released its new version, V4, solving the scalability problem of blockchain applications and introducing transactions with zero fees.Announcement: Genesis Cloud has been onboarded by iExec as a new cloud computing provider, providing GPU Computing.EDF, the 5th largest utility company worldwide, will access the GPUs from Genesis Cloud, through iExec, to run its compute-intensive simulators.

Long live secure blockchains๐Ÿ˜…

pretty much

Thanks captain, Vechain is expensive for an unsecured blockchain compared to rlc.

The rlc token is a hybrid stack formation, it's meant for bridging the private blockchain

China shilling blockchain

L 7

It sure does seem like it. EDF also has 49 other blockchain projects iExec can help out with.

I see enigma moving into more defi use cases like sending money privately (blockchain nor recipient can see sender's wallet)
John McAfee op Twitter: "Eat my dick in 12 months? A ruse to onboard new users. It worked. Bitcoin was first. It's an ancient technology. All know it. Newer blockchains have privacy, smart contracts, distributed apps and more. Bitcoin is our future? Was the Model T the future of the automobile?" / Twitter

main blockchain speaker at biggest developer conference

Blockchain classic btw