But crypto is weird and unexpected. And global adoption is probably still far away.

Konijntje 🦆
Halving is nearing and people lose more faith in fiat every day.

Yeah and only a tiny portion looks at btc as a solution.Crypto Mcap is only 23xbn.It is nothing

Btc is the most looked at in crypto, there,'s too many currency coins to choose from.

i checked dfinity today, since some people have eyes on it. Their white paper is hocus pocus to me (, but for the rest they dont seem to be special and certainly not better then iexec. On that note, i also checked hypernet a while ago, and those people just try to hype, doesn't seem they will make it, they post pics of moonsuits and talk about "big news" all the time, meanwhile they could not help me with comparing iexec with their solution.And if you watched my youtube channel, you can also see i was interested in sonm, but not anymore since they "finished" the product without fixing/adding crucial things that would actually make the network attractive to use. I dare to say with 99% certainty that sonm will never be adopted in any meaningful way, because it's current structure is simply flawed. After iExec, i'd say Edge has the best use case and actual adoption already. It more focusses towards websites and storage currently, and development is quite slow, but still a nice project.Golem is like edge quite slow, and seems to go for a similar route as iexec. It was first in crypto for cloud computing, and thats probaly why they had a bigger market cap for a longer while. But i dont trust they will make it in the future, iexec is faster and more versatile so far.The only project remaining i guess in crypto space is aelf, maybe someone already did? I probaly should take some time tommorow to research it.On a last note: wow, this post turned out longer then i wanted to, figured why not post a comparision of my findings and opinions since we have new people here. 👍

the crypto marketcap will be over 10T in 5 years