Honestly I think 'currency' for buying bread/plane tickets ect will only be claiming a relatively small slice of the crypto pie in years to come. Crypto assets representing commodities such as houses/bonds/computing power/data will take a good portion of the value

I fully agree, cryptographic coins that can represent a currency unit as a possible ennovation progress in cryptocurrency. These coins can give a new chance to a constructive economy on a token. The earnings model provides a utility on a decentralized system in which new safety measures are brought to new standards.

Using that logic, an ideal bottom zone for the cryptocurrency’s most recent bear market is between $2,676 and $1,725 – give or take a few percentage points in either direction.

pockets89 [12:43 AM]Can anyone from the team or @gf answer my the future do you think there will be mining dapps for iexec so that someone can remotely mine cryptocurrency?is that a possible usecase down the road?would be insanegf [12:45 AM]@pockets89 actually we already had people registering such dapp by themselve and using them on testnet. so yes, this is feasible.pockets89 [12:48 AM]@gf wow thats amazing Gilles so they wont go live for a while?im assuming people are waiting for your sidechain to be completed to use iexec mainnnet since ETH has scaling issues and is cumbersomegf [12:49 AM]yes, agree with thatpockets89 [12:49 AM]Will sidechain be released by V4? i think in an interview you said 6-9 monthsgf [12:50 AM]we target December 2019 for V4. we're planning the developments.pockets89 [12:51 AM]ok so sidechain release along with GPU support right?gf [12:52 AM]yes definitelypockets89 [12:52 AM]wow awesomegf [12:52 AM]:+1:pockets89 [12:52 AM]Also I just want to say been a huge supporter since V1. How are the tokenomics coming along?I think thats the biggest thing where most of these cryptos failmost people say you dont need a seperate token just use ETH or BTCi think the implementation of the iExec token will be the key for it to have explosive growth with the network effectgf [12:55 AM]some have other opinions :wink: we're also looking at other models that estimate the value of utility token. Google for Julien Prat video (economist at INSEE).pockets89 [12:57 AM]ok will do Gilles does this mean that V5 will most likely come out in 2020 so thats the end of roadmap?gf [1:01 AM]we'll probably adjust V5 as well. Our #1 priority is adoption now. Have to look carefully about what is really relevant for V5. Remember that V5 was supposed to be 'Research Edition' to explore other usage beyond the Cloud, like Fog/Edge, IoT. We hope to raise traditional research grants to develop this research as well. So, nothing is decided yet concerning V5.pockets89 [1:04 AM]Ah ok that makes sense so adoption you mean finding customers to actually use the network not just more companies that are providing worker pools correct? Which is what that French Electric company was a customer?gf [1:05 AM]yes absolutely, we want to grow the network, both on provider and requester sideEDF is on-boarded as a requester.pockets89 [1:08 AM]@gf thats really awesome man I hear they are doing a trial for some fluid dynamic thing which is beyond me haha but still really bullish news. While you guys are working so hard please think about us loyal token holders Gilles because a lot of us have seen the vision since around the ico and the only FUD that gets spread about this project is actual usage but I feel like you guys will get there.Thanks for your time I am beyond excited to see how things play out around V4 and once these apps finally launch with worker pools

I have read an article in Dutch a few years ago about the kind of investors of cryptocurrency.The research found that these are mostly boys between 20 and 30 years old and are smarter than the average IQ .... Funny and has always surprised me
Olivier Goffart
Problem in current market, there is a lot of hype for Chainlink and not much for iExec.

That's right. Hype is very important in cryptocurrency. If this is missing, the holder will struggle.

Frustration is in the price and not in the tech. Nothing is usable ATM in CryptoCurrency. Only store it and send it, for the most part

“Selling securities generally requires a license, and experience shows that excessive touting in thinly traded and volatile markets can be an indicator of ‘scalping,’ ‘pump and dump’ and other manipulations and frauds,” Clayton writes. “Similarly, I also caution those who operate systems and platforms that effect or facilitate transactions in these products that they may be operating unregistered exchanges or broker-dealers that are in violation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.”The tough talk doesn’t end there. “While there are cryptocurrencies that do not appear to be securities, simply calling something a ‘currency’ or a currency-based product does not mean that it is not a security,” Clayton writes. “Before launching a cryptocurrency or a product with its value tied to one or more cryptocurrencies, its promoters must either (1) be able to demonstrate that the currency or product is not a security or (2) comply with applicable registration and other requirements under our securities laws.”

France is aware of its delay in the digital and does not want to miss the cryptocurrency. now it is only a start-up digital french who receives the visit of a member of the gouvernement..rien more in my opinion

The cryptocurrency market is still immature.😂

RIP ALL cryptocurrency
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This is a cryptocurrency trading channel, no one is interested in your forex bs. Go away

Yes, that's the issue we have.Thanks for your insight!

I'll make one ❤️👍But seriously , i might be biased as Iexec is my first bag, but am i wrong in (yes) seeing us neglect the entire cryptocurrency play that everyone is busy with, yet building towards something which is integrateble ready, whenever the time comes. That we're 1 overall digitalization shift away, from actually making a pretty strong case in acquiring a position on high usage