Might get a little jump when Alibaba tweets but then again Alibaba group only has 98k followers. Does anybody know a kardashian 😂

People who follow kardashians couldnt even spell crypto

aside from the "currency" coins like BTC, LTC, Dash etc i believe a few utility token cryptos are going to really explode fairly soon

Dubbed “Magic,” the site is touted as allowing users to “trade cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges within a single dashboard, automatically and manually.”

It was 2500 sat 1 week ago

Yes, people tend to forget the lows quite easily. Same as daily volume, it seems horrible because XRP has huge volume. But a lot of coins are similar... I mean even dash has just 5 BTC volume on bittrex

He's having a hard time fondling the 0.5Dash makes you want

Dash up big too

I have a stack of dash

Made 121% on it so far on dash

30yo Boomer
Just like last time?

yes but the difference this time is the "market sentiment"...Jan 1st ETC 4.53$.Today 8.50$...DASH Jan 1st 42.20$.Today 125$..Just examples of 2-3x in 14 days market hype due to futures,perpetual trading,margin of date any whore that is low on supply is being pumped and manipulated..Whales always exit at CT targets as the gang is one..RLC has all the capacity to push over 1$ in Jan 2020 if market trend continues even after whale exits cos the wider market is up and about on low supply coins ONLY(for now)...Personally i see 1-2$ before Feb 15th if this market holds the stream...not an advise,just imho..I really forecasted 2$ by Dec 31st but it did not work as the market faded in to dogs but RLC C&H intact AF

create a dashboard, hype staking %, hype earnings, hype price competition

Data dash ... is hot on rlc

Data dash 345 m subscribers