Or Confidential Computing Consortium companies?

First thing what we starting seeing is that hyperledger Avalon get integrated in fabric. After that it make sense that big players will act as validaters on the sidechain.

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That's why I'm not buying more.It needs to get to a US exchange first.Then we can talk about moon.

What are the odds enigma flips iexec before v4? First 4 red days in a row since september

v4 first then we can talk about v5

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Well getting ultra bullish on rlc right now. Did some more research on the partners ibm, microsoft ,aws they all speak about a hybrid blockchain(private,public). They need the rlc cloud. Its a huge competition the cloud industrie. Those companies are the biggest on earth. Head is exploding with all the reads😝🤯 If iexec can do what they say and those companies are testing it and are happy.Everyone here will be mindblowed. We all hope it will go above 5bil marketcap in next bullrun.Well if those companies will use iexec this can pull off 100bil marketcap and higher like its nothing.Sure that will only happen if whole market also blowing upp. Probely most off you cant see this.. why doesnt all those partners buy upp all the rlc tokens? Because they will first test it and then hopefully use it. When they are happy then they buy all your coins like its nothing.I don’t like it to see people saying this isnew eth or that or this.. but RLC has verry big change to get a BIg marketcap in future even above 100bil. (Yes i also think im grazy).Found some intresting stuff to go deeper.

Yes.. well first make great product and connect to realworld companies.. then you can ramp upp the marketing.. i wont expect big marketing from then until we are close V5.Who knows..

Pavel M
Here is the sentence about customers and pipeline :)

Iexec is working with huge companies that are very slow to react and migrate their technical solution. V4 allows the big business to deploy more than just theoretical proof of concept, but private pilots and first iteration of solution to test a viable new way to power their structure

So the adoption flow should be poc - > pilot - > first iteration of tech for adoption - > massive adoption

The whole 2020 will be the year where we will see the first big companies implementing on iexec.

First thing they need to do is ditch the Version bullshit and release the news as they get it

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