First TNC made me a millionaire, now Musk will make me a billionaire 🚀🚀

First we will see 4100.

Mister Band Lolo

Looks like someone did his first "TA".

Serious question sirs what's RLC bottom post halving?

sirs, when i can bath in money witf rlc token

it's going to retest critical levels first 8900 and then 7700

Im only one who can spot villager from first few words he posts?

hello looking seller Bitcoin bank transfer payment btc thank you deal F2f kyc pof possible to contact me

Hello buyer curry transfer pay btc deal thank you needful sirs abc kfc for lunch contact me

Hello buyer curry transfer pay btc deal thank you needful sirs abc kfc for lunch contact me

Hello buyer curry transfer pay btc deal thank you needful sirs abc kfc for lunch contact me

Yes is possible kyc pof

Sirs my local village need bitcoin fast , we provide proof of kyc (know your curry) - is ok sirs ?

Maybe they are waiting for the bullrun to announce Coinbase or another exhange, so that all the sirs will be able to buy the digital oil

When NASDAQ sirs?

When secret cave of wonders sirs

when will be unrekt sirs?

hellos sirs bls I send 300 ETH to free Iexec AirDrop🚁 , when can I expect my ETH 3x, bls sir my family rely on this money

If neighbors and sirs don't stop dumping now, the futur tesla airdrop will be cancel bloody.

At first it was funny to listen but now ever second of his video are click bait

When new pump and dump sirs?

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I think Blair won his first hands beauty model prize.

I rely on your professional analysis sirs, much appreciate.

I don't come to check here often sirs, but i must say... great atmosphere...

We prefer to put first the technical part and second the marketing... and americans prefer to do the opposite

Like some Chad stairs pattern

ownership is planned to be transferred to a multisig. This is just the first step towards a more decentralised governance on the protocol. We will consider adding an intermediary contract that enforces the lock period. This would however, prevent us from any kind of “emergency” update. The long term goal is it involve the community in the process, using a DAO or a similar solution.

Decentralized cloud computing should be one of first to see real world use and even it kinda stalling

The applications for decentralized data are what got me here in the first place. I assume they will incorporate the token in this process, or else the entire point is a wash lol

Big BTC dumpa. Hope we gonna recover for V5 in time sirs.

First time you say something else than Good Morning

ofc rlc has to moon first