Cry all you want. When dumps is manipulated, when pumps manipulated. Swingers stop crying so much and enjoy the ride

Hahah exactly. Ordinemo is mad because he didn’t buy cheap. You had months to grab your balls and be a man and buy in. Get left behind!

Russo Ive said it before and Ive said it again. You are your own worst enemy with emotional chartwatching and overinvestment. You are making yourself mentally ill, losing money, and not contributing anything useful to society.Diversify your assets and time man

3) iexec sgx encryption environnement leaves onchain trace of the sgx encryption, to be sure it the context and parameter on which is has been runned

v4 is coming, sidechain, and EEA use of iexec as main offchain computation provider in the eth environement

Hey Guys, I've put together a list of all the things that has been released/talked about in the latest video by BCB. This is not in order but highlights all the big topics/points. Quant' Path To AdoptionFinancial Infractructure (Organizations like SIA) -> Capital Markets (Organizations like AX TRADING) -> Payment Networks (Organizations like Mastercard, visa etc etc)Overledger Infrastructure Updates1) Build version of OL that meets the neededs of Enterprises by making it more modular.2) Internal testnets completed, connected all public testnets.3) ETH Public testnet completed4) Ripple Public testnet completed5) Bitcoin Public testnet completed6) University in Australia approached Quant to buy an instance of Overledger. Overledger will be used as a core componet of coursework for budding developers and computer science students moving into the future.Quant/Gateway Onboarding Process and Rewards1) Thinking of building an automated system that allows parties to gain access to OL. AKA automatic lockups, automatic setups etc etc.2) More nodes hosted (bitcoin, ripple etc) the higher the priority on your gateway.3) Gateways annouced at Sibos. Large technology organizatiosn has reached out to Quant stating that they are willing to run these gateways for these large enterprises and will take the burden away from enterprises. What else will OL Integrate?"The rest" - Gil 2019Enterprise/Governemnt Partnerships/ConnectionsGil - "We have more enterprises approaching us because they've heard about us. We have client meetings every day. We've met with so many new customers at Sibos last week it was a great event because was there."1) We now have 30 new customers, all banks customers2) We met central banks, we're doing some work with central banks. "Which is huge, i mean this area you wouldn't hear about central banks mentioning digital assests or even mentioning Bitcoin"3) We've spoken to the likes of HCL4) We've spoken to Infosys, they approached us at Sibos5) We've spoken to Fijitsu6) We've spoken to Oracle. "We're fintech partners with oracle and they're actively taking our tech to their clients and even last week we spoke to the oracle team up in sweden and there is a Nordic central bank that wants to use this sort of technology."7) One of the banks approached SIA and said "we'd like to work with you on SIA chain because we've heard so much about it. It was a big global bank"8) Government connection - Open Banking in Australia - Quant is apart of the Fintech Policy Forum. Quuant helping to shape the governement's perspective on open banking there.9) Government Connection - European Central Bank - "We talk alot wiht the ECB. Lots of good discussion from the ECB and other central banks. The panel I was on had the supervisor from the bank on it so we talk alot and do alot of work together"Trade Finance Systems 1) Quant is working on making Marco Polo,, Voltron Interopable for enterprises. News To Come1) "The stuff that we are doing with Central Banks is going to be huge and thats around November that we'll be able to talk about that it" - This is allowing interoperability of digital assests for Central Banks. Question - Is this on a global scale, something to really change the game? Gil - Yes.2) We have an annoucement coming out of Australia shortly in the next month (November 2019).3) We're also doing something is sustainabity challenges in supply chain coming out next week. They've built an end to end sustainability product and their solution is using overledger completely. (10/7/2019 - 10/13/2019)3) Gilbert will be speaking at the WCIT alongside, Lyft in which the event is strongly supported by the Armenian Government. New hire Steve has joined Quant Network to create Overledger Enterprise. He has 25 years of banking experience and will join the team to create a more compliant and robust version of overledger that specifically fits the needs of big banks.5) Ripple integration announcement coming.
High tax, government started robbing insane few years ago

i liked the most is where the citizens of the netherlands can make a vote, and if more then 10k signatures they can get government funding and the governemtn is required to take a look to the matter.

Someone should make an RLC vs Chainlink anime short-film like bizconni did with the bognadof twins and sineminem lol. It could be sergey battling jt out with gillies. You could add funny humor like Sergey throwing or farting out big macs and gillies throwing croissants and baguettes. Fighting for control of the oracle market. Rlc then becomes top 5 token and sergey is kicked down ghe rabbits hole to hell just like gerard butler kicked that persian guy down the well in the movie 300

France is aware of its delay in the digital and does not want to miss the cryptocurrency. now it is only a start-up digital french who receives the visit of a member of the gouvernement..rien more in my opinion

Your guys problem is yourself! You probely think to small. Derisking or whatever..Think safe and never going to make it.Thats what they all teach you.Well i just dont sell any before a bullrun. Just hold amd you will eady see $40 and higher for only rlc..Dont believe this? Well you are the enemy off yourself.

Shake out the last ones. Panic is your worst enemy.

long argument short:you don't hold a meeting with your enemies on their turfyou choose a 3rd party

or collect unemplyment in two years

I am not the enemy

Joe Akon
I have had my hopes shredded multiple times since 2018 so it's hard to he optimistic

if you wait by the river long enough the bodies of your enemies will float by.

Data is data, I agree but how you can use data as data isn't accurate or complete? You can't fight a enemy that you don't see. You can not make a prediction, you can only see in time how measures, climate / population reacted in numbers as they collect more data.

when you're unemployed and low on cash for survival you'll take it out of crypto/gold/silver etc.

Imagine thinking we already recovered from at least one year of recession, massive unemployment and thousands of companies going broke

I think the team read his message as Gilles posted on discord, for marketing, now rlc is focus on create different set depending profil and skills of the prospect, and the part about bootstrapping the marketplace is going to be focus on. Will see how things goes post confinement..

Good deconfinement everyfrench 🐓