Undervalued, because too much customers?

Undervalued, because too much customers?

Undervalued because its one of the only legit projects in crypto working w actual enterprise clients and has actual, functional real world application

Atm vitalik is asking ppl to work on rollups because he knows iot scaling will takes years, if happen one day.

Im hedging on privacy/security of data being a large part of our future livelihoods. Decentralized applications are the best solution ive seen thus far in addressing these current issues.

Even if the individual doesnt have access to it, corp. and govts surely will be interested, for obvious reasons.

I can offer 12 % lending on usdt😎

I use tinfoil on my hands while typing passwords on binance

And may experience a pullback in the same time also?

They may or may not. But I'm not buying them any time soon. I'm just emphasizing how DeFi projects have been driving market up. And this may occur to Iexec as well.

Why not divide the buy in 3 prices? One now, one with 15% discount, one with 30% discount

My bet is a drop because i think the market already priced v5 and will drop. I know you guys made the opposite bet, but iam contrarian trader😅

I don't see workers getting works, i don't see staking or lending reward, but i see high transactions fees on eth.

Dude meme coins are going up 400%, Its hysterical that people think rlc needs to be the most functional / used token in all of crypto or else its going down to the #200 spot

Just be french and surrender

Just yesterday got in dmg and today became financially ruined

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Just yesterday got in dmg and today became financially ruined

How confident are you in DMG as a world changing project? That will determine your strategy forward imo. With RLC I always buy a lil extra on the dip. Just a good experience everytime to see my RLC coins grow and support Gilles and the team.

Its all because of link whales they dump link to force btc dump

Yes except tesla cause iam bullish, the Sky is the limit, i mean the galaxy

I still offer 12% annual yield in usdt sir, just pm me.

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Man 12% is low

I know you can get 20%,i can only offer 12% lockup mini 1 day. Serious

I offer you a mutual investment trust and shared investment capital

I see sir you don't trust me.

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Yes capital is in deep fear

I provided reliable information in my location sir, Chek Google you'll see, i have also been providing best calls since last months, what more can i do to get your trust my sir/?