Just joking Plus. I think $2 is well within reach

Oh wait thats xlm 😂 i thought it was RLC

It may have something to do with the GAS dividend as the SEC is going mental with an iron fist at the minute

But im pretty shocked at neo delisting

Iconomi are dissolving their ICN tokens into tokenised securities too that americans will not be able to hold

Rlc looking like a strong buy atm

Id like to think we found our floor @ $0.3 and are now bouncing back little by little with caution

I think it will be an ETH/ANS(neo) situation where it stays at a certsin value for a long period and then experiences exponential growth when it gets noticed and starts getting used

Honestly I think 'currency' for buying bread/plane tickets ect will only be claiming a relatively small slice of the crypto pie in years to come. Crypto assets representing commodities such as houses/bonds/computing power/data will take a good portion of the value

Whats up with Tether?

Btc vs usd is 6.3kish vs usdt its over 6.8k

It even reached 7.6k on binance today vs usdt

Yeah a bit disconcerting considering how much tether props up liquidity. Hope its not an exodus of fiat from the crypto market

Ah the 1:1 trade

Nice n easy 10% to be made converting back to usd. Surely making money cant be that easy? 😅

0 if something is actually amiss with their reserves 😅

Thanks Plus 🙏 very insightful as always

Thoughts on a traditional market crash effects on crypto market? Whilst i see btc as a hedge against fiat, im uncertain investors will want exposure to risk (alts) in such times.

Yeah for sure. I think it will bring crypto to the forefront of discussion amongst international communities in managing debt - more so than already. However i dont think we are quite there for any crypto to be in a position to truly initiate a brave new world at the moment.