cool) now we are supergroup)

Julien, is release still on schedule?

Matt Oh yes. The Dapp Store will be released in the coming hours.

Thanks Julien, very proud of iExec - great work!

can you communicate about it on twitter ? seriously ..

Everyone go spam r/bitcoin Lolol

We got 13 people online 1 per subreddit gogogo lol dapp release in few hours.

I honestly believe we should create a bit of hype on Reddit

Julien can you tweet about the release so we can post it on Reddit please?

I think we deserve a way higher marketcap than SoNM. How are they even up there literally no release.

Is there any article from the team about the coming DApp store? I wanted to post about it in /r/cryptocurrency but couldn't find an appropriate article/blog/tweet to link to.

I’m afraid of the lack of communication about the release of the dapp store... Why don’t they communicate at least a little bit about it ?

I like this project. Great progress keep it up guys

@julienbrg Can you pin the website adress?

iExec (RLC), the Decentralized Cloud iExec wants to decentralize cloud computing market by building the future of the Internet infrastructure. The iExec team is developing the first blockchain cloud computing platform. iExec aims at providing to companies a scalable, secure and easy access to the services, the data-sets and the computing resources they need. V1 release (Nov 2017): Dapp Challenge ($150k to win): iExec ELI5: Website: Blog: Slack: Telegram: Reddit: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Youtube:

Any teasing for us ? 🙄

Sometimes big investors Insist companies to stay quiet, so they can invest millions on a low marketcap during a launch of a product 😉

Wishful thinking of course

they’re might be some credibility to it

I’ve heard rumours of IBM being interested internally

I’ve spoken to a member recently he said it’s on heir to do list.

So expect social media.

I wouldn’t be surprised if IBM has or will be approaching them very soon

Anyway the marketing side is nicely moving imho. I've seen some quotes from Giles and Haiwu on the front page.

Let's give the team some slack (no pun intended) I think things are moving nicely :)

So Dapp release today but yet a drop in price?

Dtc crashes harder than North Korea

Isn't the Dapp release tomorrow? It's the 19th now guys

At least in Europe

What is it in France

No, it’s releasing in the next few hours

I thought it was going to be 20th weird

12 hours and 22 minutes

ah right so the release is 12am on the 20th

Thanks for that link 👍

That’s my hero

Kim jong fuck the world