RLC is doing great


can you please share the telegram link to join this channel? Tx in advance ..

So the rocket finally take off !

Time to communicate with this visibility !

Heuuuuu wait It’s at midnight (Paris) ?

just started today

Evening, nice to see a telegram group of iexec.

it's 3AM i think the team is sleaping 😂

русско говорящие есть

No store? It was released hours ago right ?

It should have been according to a countdown I found but never mind

It says 16 hours now

Its not a official countdown

I knew but you would think that I someone took the effort to create one, they would get the time correct, at least I did..

Btw iexec is very unlucky the last few months. A few hours before every single release or news, BTC drops and pulls down all alts with him... probably just bad luck, but part of me thinks bitcoin core is afraid of the ethereum + Iexec combination ;)

Anyway the team is probably enjoying their morning croissants right about now.

The DApp store release should come somewhere in the next few hours :)

11:58 in europe now

maybe 2 minutes and release :D?

Can anyone share about a news

The announcement will come in due time. The day just started. RLC recovered nicely from the BTC drop btw

and in the meantime congrats to Dr Haiwu