I think one more news has to come.....Very nice good

Dr Haiwu finished his post doc in 2007 on p2p distributed systems and cloud computing? So basically iexec is the end product of that research? that's impressive! Congrats to Dr Haiwu He for making the list 👍

This is going to be huge guys

Make sure u guys hodl

bittrex.com buy RLC go to HitBTC.com 2x profit )))))))))

mr 31337
bittrex.com buy RLC go to HitBTC.com 2x profit )))))))))

HitBTC lock rlc wallet

I tried using hitbtc but thst bitch don't work

Fuckin slow as shit and it won't even load wallets


Javier is it twice as much on different exchange?

Yea but it sucks won't load wallets

And keeps on brining error because pages won't load

iExec's co-founder Haiwu He received his award for his “commitment to build a cloud platform with blockchain and share the global idle computing power”.

It is but the volume is 19.000$ being traded in the last 24h

i am buy 494 RLC on hitBTC.com.............. fuck

Ну ты епта сверхразум

да бля на паник сейле битка успел йпта

Hitbtc has rlc cheaper?

Is that what u guys saying?

Twice as expensive

это какойто глюк

Do we have any update on it?

Target for Rlc??

Someone said 8.1 k

I think it will go huge in coming days

I sold half, buy back later

Bad idea imho

+1 I would understand selling the news but selling just before the big news seems strange

There has been zero hype, so a "sell the news" scenario is definitely not happening. The crypto market is finally noticing RLC. It hasn't grown at all like all the other altcoins.

Yep. It seems completely different than the usual hype trains.