I was convinced he was called yes-yes in English ahah

I just told my gf she found it funny too 😭

I must admit the text message probably did seem a bit random

And we're live! We're doing a meetup tonight with talks on the subject of IA and Blockchain.Watch the livestream here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTMMR573ROU

Hi, just to share my feeling about the communication team and community management that have been very good since a while now and highly improved through time. I just wanted to pass by and congratulate the team(s) in charge of it!! As far as I remember at the beginning there were a lot of criticisms about that and it seems that it came in due course (as Iexec always replied it will). My message is not of a great added value but congrat once again!

By the way, good morning everyone 👋🏼☕️

Goodmorning everyone ☕

IExec is now available with Delta Direct 😃

i have a question

what means “dev’ ?

thx for your kind

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👍🏼🙌🏼 nearly every day progress and news. You are doing a great job iExec team!

What do you make of this wallet? https://etherscan.io/address/0x7a63c05dc45ac904539ebf6198da28023f8f51c6

New exchange? Houbi? All transfers are recent and from many exchanges...


How many people are on the team? I saw 10-12 on github...

How many people are on the team? I saw 10-12 on github...
The entire team can be found on this page: https://iex.ec/about-us/

Who else is accumulating?


I totally disagree. Smart money was short since 16-20K already. What you are reffering to was a big descending triangle that no one was defending anymore after it was weakened 5 times before. It did not happend out of the blue and because a lot of people (also retail investors) took this short.

🔅 💥 👉 bit.ly/2XwwdSw 👈 ⚡ ⚡️
▶️ 🔑 🔅 ➡️ u.to/ySnQFA ◀️ 👈 📤 🔥
Hey guys, is there anywhere I could find adoption stats? (sth similar to this https://sonm.com/blog/sonm-platform-a-half-year-checkpoint/
You can find others project update here : https://medium.com/iex-ec

Can someone give me name of competitors having partnership with Intel and ibm ?

Just to know if course.