Sorry Jamie, you can't just share anything here. This channel is for discussing iExec. And why is David Guetta in the promo video for a crypto exchange platform?

We're also with Intel at the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week (it security oriented, rather than blockchain). - Some interesting things happening over there too 😀

Making his big screen debut 😀 Florent will keep you updated live from EthCC in Paris this week. After Devcon, its one of the most significant Ethereum gatherings globally. Stay tuned!

"bigscreen debut" 😂😂😂😭

*Tonight at 17:50 at EthCC: Our CEO, Gilles Fedak, presents how Data Sets can be monetized in a secure and trusted fashion by leveraging Intel SGX and Ethereum technologies.

Within 5 hours?

A ♠️
No. 7 March

Gilles is tonight, March 5th at 17:45. Our developer workshop is on the 7th

⏰ 30 Minutes to go!17:45: CEO, Gilles Fedak, presents:'How Intel SGX and Ethereum can be leveraged to Monetize Data Sets'🔴 Live stream link for 17:45 (Paris):

Had to work and was not able to listen live. 😒

can the whales here pls dump us to 700 again

Sorry people in the main chat no trading talk there is a separate chat for this. Thank you

Two very good community groups! 👍

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True, awesome tshirts

A photo from our meetup and workshop with Lyon is A.I

Yesterday it was told that we can rent data for ML training. How and where can I put the data. I do have a lot of training data for biology like cell types, bacteria strains, ....

Pay-per-Task model isnt it, Blair?