Nice T-shirts🤩

Blair M
Secure Data renting is a feature of iExec V3

Hi Blair.Can you plz share the iexe workshop if there is any recorded video?

Yes, it will be tomorrow Mohammed. 10am Paris time 😄

sorry someone posted spam, i wanted to say goodbye before the ban

where can i get a shirt like that

ɮɨռǟռƈɛ ȶʀǟɖɨռɢ ֆɨɢռǟʟֆ ƈʟɨƈӄ-ǟռɖ-ʝօɨռ

Yeah if you are holding +80k RLC can you get a shirt?
ɮɨռǟռƈɛ ȶʀǟɖɨռɢ ֆɨɢռǟʟֆ ƈʟɨƈӄ-ǟռɖ-ʝօɨռ

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⬆️ Link to the dev workshop slides above for anyone who wants to code.👨‍💻 Build your own decentralized application 💻 Monetize your idle computing resources on the iExec Marketplace

Pls release dev v3 ;-; the French community. Published yesterday

I am so proud of this team, whoever was involved in creating this presentation is a god. This is the perfect thing to break down the technicalities of iExec, removing the jargon and show the fundamentals of the project 👍

Is there an admin?

I need a clarification for the legal side of your project

What are your concerns regarding legal?

I need a clarification for the legal side of your project

The best thing you can do is send a pm to: @wasbnd @julienbrg @BlairMac They are members of the team and answer all your questions that you have. Or the general email address: [email protected]

It actually makes a fair question

People could use iexec to do bad/iligal things

And iexec will probaly not be able to fight it, other then shutting down the network as a whole.

And thats a possibility with the goverment demanding it

& certain chinese municipalities

If it grows like bitcoin did i guarantee you that for example pedophiles will try to use it to store kid porn

since iexec allows data storage

If that happens and iexec cant ban them, they may face some legal issues