5G has been one of the main talking points at MWC19. iExec, alongside Intel are overcoming its challenges for decentralization and privacy.Learn more about the collaboration, that uses robots for decentralized 5G-based smart city services:

And Intel's own response: "Intel is aware of this research which is based upon assumptions that are outside the threat model for Intel® SGX. The value of Intel SGX is to execute code in a protected enclave; however, Intel SGX does not guarantee that the code executed in the enclave is from a trusted source"However, iExec will be exploring secure containers that also protects h[email protected] @neonwatch

Thanks for the response Blair. There's no way of knowing if it would be malicious until the output is decrypted on the requester end. Therefore requesters receiving the works that are zipped and will have to do a scan BEFORE unzipping the decrpyted work output. This could be something iExec could look at but your antivirus should be good enough at scanning zip files.

And we're live! We're doing a meetup tonight with talks on the subject of IA and Blockchain.Watch the livestream here :

Hi, just to share my feeling about the communication team and community management that have been very good since a while now and highly improved through time. I just wanted to pass by and congratulate the team(s) in charge of it!! As far as I remember at the beginning there were a lot of criticisms about that and it seems that it came in due course (as Iexec always replied it will). My message is not of a great added value but congrat once again!

IExec is now available with Delta Direct 😃

I totally disagree. Smart money was short since 16-20K already. What you are reffering to was a big descending triangle that no one was defending anymore after it was weakened 5 times before. It did not happend out of the blue and because a lot of people (also retail investors) took this short.

INATBA : , join ?

And Gilles at the end of the day 🤘🏼
EthCC: ETHEREUM COMMUNITY CONFERENCES 2019Day 1 - Tuesday, March 5th:François Branciard:"Substrate meets iExec: how to build a Domain-Specific Token-Based Chain"Day 3 - Thursday, March 7th:Gilles Fedak: "How Intel SGX and Ethereum can be leveraged to monitize data sets"Day 3 - Thursday, March 7th:WORKSHOP Jean-Charles Cabelguen: "How iExec while mixing Intel SGX and Ethereum can be leveraged to secure off-board computing for your dapps"
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how did dfinity raise 60mil and does anyone see this is a threat?

François (Dev iExec) is live on EthCC within half an hour10: 05-10: 35 François Branciard (iExec) - "Substrate Meets iExec: How to Build a Domain-Specific Token-Based Chain"Room: EthCC / 02 - Abbé GrégoireLink:

iExec smart contracts developer François Branciard talks live from #EthCC Ethereum Community Conference, 10:00 (Paris Time)."Substrate meets iExec: how to Build a Domain-Specific Token-Based Chain"

We're also with Intel at the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week (it security oriented, rather than blockchain). - Some interesting things happening over there too 😀

can the whales here pls dump us to 700 again

Sorry people in the main chat no trading talk there is a separate chat for this. Thank you

Yesterday it was told that we can rent data for ML training. How and where can I put the data. I do have a lot of training data for biology like cell types, bacteria strains, ....

Pay-per-Task model isnt it, Blair?

Blair M
Secure Data renting is a feature of iExec V3

Hi Blair.Can you plz share the iexe workshop if there is any recorded video?
I need a clarification for the legal side of your project

The best thing you can do is send a pm to: @wasbnd @julienbrg @BlairMac They are members of the team and answer all your questions that you have. Or the general email address: [email protected]

It actually makes a fair question

& certain chinese municipalities

Gilles talked about this in his presentation in Paris. There will be centralized aspects with the registration of a dapp in the dappstore. I hope EthCC has recorded everything and is later shared that we can review it again.

I had a question to the team re: could the network be used for licensed apps which are running cracked software. They ultimately said 'yes, but we dont advise it'. It would not be curated on iexecs own dapp store.So for such workers and users that contribute to such a 'dark' iexec network - they wouldnt necessarily have the reputation/protection/support as the condoned part of the network. Imho It would pose too much of a risk to workers to make dark uses of iexec possible... Until SGX/privacy cpus are the norm for home computers

There’s other projects, and my guess alot of companys are waiting out which one to use

Yes. It is must have thing to maintain the volume. At least show new people that project is still on the float

It seems RLC price is not matter for the team at all. I appreciate the fact team takes care on the development but they abandoned RLC token at all. Pity😔

Let us not make a drama of this. The market itself with all the developments is already a tragedy in itself. It takes a certain amount of time for the market to indicate the right direction.Cryptocurrency can already be traded without this having to represent a product. Blockchain itself is not a strong sales tool to provide interconnection to parties, just as example kubernetes can not do this alone. It is what you want to achieve with it. iExec as a company will come up with plans to acquire revenues but it is important that this network does not entail any costs in the chain.

Olivier Goffart
Never forget. Major use means Price increase.

I have that. Look at Bitcoin. Buying because this is an SOV or is used because this is a payment method?If it was a means of payment, this should be a bit user-friendly for ordinary people. But BTC knows its strength not to cooperate with banks. No patent, a tool. For the simple reason that this new way of transporting value is open source. SOV? Perhaps when a major economic crisis breaks out. But then the question remains whether BTC carries the SOV meme in this innovative market.

SOV means ?

A store of value is the function of an asset that can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later time, and be predictably useful when retrieved. More generally, a store of value is anything that retains purchasing power into the future.

Konijntje von Venas
And thats changed in v3?

The sidechain should reduce the eth fees. If it can compete with traditional clouds pricewise remains to be seen