Night Man
I love this project, I have one concern though: Is RLCs success dependant on user growth? Would the marketplace and infrastructure serve a purpose in a scenario where ”ordinary” user are out of the picture?

For example: Microsoft Azure uses Proof of Authority (PoA) POA network uses 2 tokens POA Bridge (permissioned) and POA20. (permissionless) POA token transfers value in the POA network to POA20 (public Erc20) (BlockScout sets a new standard for blockchain exploration tools by providing detailed insights for users looking to verify transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, sidechains, and private chains. ) PoA was proposed by a group of developers in March 2017 (the term was coined by Gavin Wood) as a blockchain based on the Ethereum protocol. It was developed primarily as an answer to the problem of spam attacks on Ethereum's Ropsten test network. The new network was named Kovan and is the primary test network available to all Ethereum users today. Polkadot is a multi-chain framework that supports interoperability between wildly different chains with different properties, including encrypted proof-of-authority chains, suitable for internal enterprise networks. RSK aims to create Bitcoin smart contracts and, currently, the sidechain allows scalability that reaches up to 100 transactions per second but, thanks to the implementation of Lumino technology, could reach 20,000. Smart contracts for RSK are written using Solidity (a Javascript like programming language) and are fully compatible with Ethereum Smart Contracts, so you can migrate your existing Ethereum Smart Contract to RSK Smart without doing any changes. GDPR compatible on permission blockchain: Organizations can deploy Fortanix SDKMS appliance nodes in a distributed manner. In each case, the Fortanix SDKMS cluster delivers centralized key management capabilities to any blockchain application or any device. GDPR compatible on permissionless blockchain: The verification of the enclave using Intel Attestation Server is specific to SGX, and introduces some form of centralization. However, other attestation approaches are being developed and will be considered in the future. Still, once a secure communication channel is established between the enclave and the scheduler the logic stays the same. Therefore, the on-chain part is agnostic of the actual enclave technology, meaning iExec should support any enclave technologies in the future. Source # PoCo Series # 4 Blockchain and the GDPR : we propose four rule-of-thumb principles that entrepreneurs and innovators can consider: 1. start with the big picture: how is user value created, how is data used and do you really need blockchain? 2. avoid storing personal data on a blockchain. make full use of data obfuscation, encryption and aggregation techniques in order to anonymise data. 3. collect personal data off-chain or, if the blockchain can’t be avoided, on private, permissioned blockchain networks. consider personal data carefully when connecting private blockchains with public ones. 4. continue to innovate, and be as clear and transparent as possible with users. Containers and microservices run independently, meaning less time spent on daily management. Developers can work without worrying about scaling and other problems associated with VMs. Containers, faster than VMs, run directly on top of an OS kernel. This means they are lightweight and easier to move. Additionally, containers can be divided into unique sections with varying access controls. Orchestration is quickly becoming a requirement for container management: Orchestration technologies automate the deployment and scale-up of containers; they also ensure the reliability of applications and workloads that are carried out on containers. Orchestration is the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of computer systems, middleware, and services.

What about the bitcoin rsk iexec rumor?

Iexec will powered bitcoin dapps

All I know is that if you take Bitcoin out of the equation then all of crypto is valued at less than Netflix market cap.

Another snapshot on the market and distribution of new tokens (like it was with bitcoin cash and ethereum classik)

Can any of our Chinese friends verify the following?:

They’ve been partnered since bitcoin came out

Let's hope Bitcoin stays strong from now on

Or the Bitcoin dumping.

It's up to the bitcoin.😂

Who works with localbitcoins or coinbase platform ?

It is but we need new money for bitcoin to greatly benefit

I'm going to buy now, RLC is in a support for months, I think it will not go much down here so bitcoin down ...

julien said : "iExec core alpha release: end of Jan . "Alpha means it's the first release of iexec core. I assume it's a desktop software, like bitcoin core

Blair M
Is your question about the potential for Ethereum and why it has taken some time to to see distributed applications come out?

Yes and no, The function behind Blockchain Ethereum or Bitcoin has been to exist in the market only the functionality is in a switch what is based on potential user case. Both for regulation and applicability. The market is in a wait-and-see phase. IMO Perhaps you can still answer the question: why does it take time to get distributed applications to mainstream adoption?🙂

This is the guy who blew up on reddit recently for his Bitcoin predictions made back in 2012

Same age as Bitcoin then 😁

Yea bitcoin is aging codebase argueably with bugs that could be avoided using modern tooling

If you wrote bitcoin in 2019 you wouldnt use same as in 2009

Early bitcoin adaptors could mine 1000 btc in an hour on a notebook

BTC value appreciation was first based on the idea that it would in the future be a highly fungible, widely adopted medium of exchange (meaning store of value, because it would represent access to resources and services in general, and held for the purpose of future use), and then later greater fool theory based on the "digital gold" idea.As a single-service-use token, RLC likely cannot appreciate due to the same psychological motivations people had for buying and hoping for the appreciation of bitcoin value.Adding value later somehow in a way that is entirely unrelated to game theoretically useful tokenomics can be done, like adding a modest token burn on every payment. Some who performed ICOs have done this and it is a decent way to reward investors with appreciation. Something like the decentralized platform utility token version of the classic stock buyback.I wonder if they would really wish to do that though. I have heard no talk about it. Adding a fee based token appreciation mechanism that is not useful for the functioning of the network besides possibly to provide supply/demand stability and liquidity when it comes to tokens on exchanges, for marketplace users simply passing through the RLC token in order to exchange computing resources with fiat. Hmm I guess that could be argued to be justification enough, though some would disagree (not me).I'm more curious about things that is already known that will be there that affects token velocity. If there will be an update soonish regarding the good-actor-credibility staking function for suppliers, or even better, additional staking functions that provide some other utility for the marketplace, I will definitely check up regularly and spread the word if it looks promising for token velocity reduction beyond the medium of exchange function.

Like why is bitcoin so value, to me its the cost of the hashrate that maintains the consensus

Olivier Goffart
Today s crypto market awaits for Real use cases. For those who will deliver, returns could be Sky high. My only opinion.

Exactly. It's still so early, the bull shit hasn't been killed off yet.For example the #100 ranked coin is "Bitcoiin" literally a misspelled Bitcoin, pure fraud... yet it carries a higher marketcap than RLC at #130... we have a lot of room to run up if RLC continues to deliver

@Malkovichy If the people who purchased in 2016 and early 2017 did not sell it and sold it at the end of 2017,He was a true winnerI believe in rlc, but I think it's only if the price of bitcoin is on the rise that RLC can record a high market capitalization

@KekseundBitcoin I don't agree with you.So, most Korean holders have psychological problems?

@KekseundBitcoin You've got RLCs that you're ashamed to even say how much you have.

You know, people say the same thing about iExec, that same attitude you have is the attitude of the Bitcoin maximalist.

If it grows like bitcoin did i guarantee you that for example pedophiles will try to use it to store kid porn

Like bitcoin, it was the first. iexec seems to become the first big cloud provider thats decentralised.

Olivier Goffart
Never forget. Major use means Price increase.

I have that. Look at Bitcoin. Buying because this is an SOV or is used because this is a payment method?If it was a means of payment, this should be a bit user-friendly for ordinary people. But BTC knows its strength not to cooperate with banks. No patent, a tool. For the simple reason that this new way of transporting value is open source. SOV? Perhaps when a major economic crisis breaks out. But then the question remains whether BTC carries the SOV meme in this innovative market.