yea i guess, i just always see shit about "RLC is just another erc-20 shitcoin" and it made me wonder if it was possible to use its own blockchain

Would it be possible to use iexec as siacoin etc with v3?

Olivier Goffart
Today s crypto market awaits for Real use cases. For those who will deliver, returns could be Sky high. My only opinion.

Exactly. It's still so early, the bull shit hasn't been killed off yet.For example the #100 ranked coin is "Bitcoiin" literally a misspelled Bitcoin, pure fraud... yet it carries a higher marketcap than RLC at #130... we have a lot of room to run up if RLC continues to deliver

investors are warming up into pulling out of junk coins

very much like siacoin, and the likes.

(In french)

They delisted true shitcoins. I mean SUB made a video saying they were trading the ICO funds and shorted eth at 80$ lmao. Dont worry about RLC being delisted, wont happen

Hi friends. Would be great to speak to an admin or chief of the project here. I know a company that works with a third party platform that may be able to list your coins on their wallet.

Blair M
We are in discussions for a KRW fiat pairing🙂

Also please consider and for direct Euro pair

But no I didnt stop there... I was researching continously... I bought many assets that nobody paid attention to, that ended up being in the top 10-20 coins in the end... and im not talking about BTC, ETH, and LTC.... I was focused on 'impressive returns' from ALTs... that was my goal... I conquered NEO and Vechain... Both I didnt just get 100% returns, i didnt get 200% returns... I got 5,000%-25,000%+ returns... these are what I call "impressive returns"

@Malkovichy If the people who purchased in 2016 and early 2017 did not sell it and sold it at the end of 2017,He was a true winnerI believe in rlc, but I think it's only if the price of bitcoin is on the rise that RLC can record a high market capitalization

I agree many sit on crap but there are a lot of excellent coins as well

@thedg245 Based on the Coin Market Cap,I think it was about $2.I'll correct it!

I have seen businesses with millions in marketcap, millions in trade volume... completely vanish, get de-listed from exchanges and became worthless... Literally worthless ($0)... And these companies were once "hyped" and today they are nothing... Remember, if there is no exchange selling your token... there is absolutely no value to the token... You will continue to see Binance, Bittrex, and large exchanges delisting coins that were once "popular" but are no more... This will continue to happen and people will continue to loose money... Unless you research.

@KekseundBitcoin I don't agree with you.So, most Korean holders have psychological problems?

@KekseundBitcoin You've got RLCs that you're ashamed to even say how much you have.

It wasn't on Coinbase or any major exchanges but I don't blame anyone who did buy it.

look into it before calling it a scam

No one is going to buy your shitcoin bag. Get rekted.

This is what I mean, you don't research.

Lol good luck hodling your shit coin bag from shitty exchanges no one is going to buy your bag.

You know, people say the same thing about iExec, that same attitude you have is the attitude of the Bitcoin maximalist.

Scott Gray
Yes it is an ERC-20 token.

Will you swap the current ERC20 token to a new native coin in the future?

so? Will you swap the current ERC20 token to a new native coin in the future?

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If it grows like bitcoin did i guarantee you that for example pedophiles will try to use it to store kid porn

Like bitcoin, it was the first. iexec seems to become the first big cloud provider thats decentralised.

Olivier Goffart
Never forget. Major use means Price increase.

I have that. Look at Bitcoin. Buying because this is an SOV or is used because this is a payment method?If it was a means of payment, this should be a bit user-friendly for ordinary people. But BTC knows its strength not to cooperate with banks. No patent, a tool. For the simple reason that this new way of transporting value is open source. SOV? Perhaps when a major economic crisis breaks out. But then the question remains whether BTC carries the SOV meme in this innovative market.

its about human perception, and i find chart showing RLC as one of the leading coins — it's one of about 15-20 coins out of accumulation zone, above all EMAs, trending