We need regulations to stop this madness imho. It's ridiculous that a crypto exchange charges 5 to 10 times more than a traditional stock exchange does. The listing process of a stock is also way more costly

It's a old picture from a article saved on my phone... I'm trying to find it again 😅But fact remains that any exchange listing is a waste of funds imho. If regulations kick in (hopefully this year) the prices of listings will drop significantly I think.This might help

RLC is listed on many great exchanges for crypto to crypto, the next step is fiat pairs

Its not too important now, however in v3 - aside from workers, the folk who want to buy power from the iexec market place may be turned off by going from fiat -> btc/eth -> rlc. Especially if they are on different exchanges (coinbase -> binance/bittrex) time and fees in acquiring rlc needs to be minimal for mass adoption. Understandably the whole crypto ecosystem is still young and this is a crux for pretty much everything that isnt btc or eth at the minute, but I'm confident we'll get there :)

I think we just answered your intial question - as the back-end tech is still being worked on, there is still a lot of room for improvement in user experience and usability. Its hard work even getting your head around cryptocurrency wallets for the everyday person who doesn't want to allocate so much time or is willing to dive deep into research of emerging tech 😄

I have been away from crypto for a yr now can someone give me a quick round up

@CryptoGadir Rlc always waiting for your purchase.😃

Damien Lewarne

This is the downfall of cryptocurrency

There is no way any government can stop pumps with crypto

I'm not going to explain the AML-CFT, but if you believe that illegal practices in stocks will forever be present in cryptos... I don't know what to tell you :')

It's common practice in a unregulated market and every cryptocurrency has experienced some form of it. It doesn't mean p&d groups are bad, since it creates lots of awareness and potential FOMO. It's just part of the crypto market, like many other crazy practices and insider trading.

kk ss
If they are not generating any revenue. Then for long can they support the development. Once they are out of the ixo funds they are done. This is the time company financesYes, the cryptocurrency market has been bearish for some time now. Some companies are laying off, some are restructuring, and others are having severe financial problems. Some have posed the question of how iExec is currently doing ‘money-wise’ in the midst of current market conditions?We’d like to reassure you that we are funded and have enough treasury to carry out our development, and progress in our roadmap.Why haven’t we sold more/all of our ether? We’ve sold enough to be able to build and ship up to our promise. Our token sale was conducted early on and, at current prices, we simply don’t consider it optimal to sell more ether.iExec has strong faith and confidence in Ethereum, and we contribute to its further democratization through our various initiatives under the EEA umbrella. What market caps don’t show is that the Ethereum ecosystem is stronger than ever, as numbers and stats confirm.Moreover, apart from token price appreciation, iExec has multiple business models under study. From premium offerings to consortium blockchains, generating revenues and becoming a profitable company is one of the goals of iExec.Current prices are not stopping us from building. We will continue striving for a new cloud computing paradigm and wish other projects the best of luck.

🤝 @ fxthoorens, CEO of @ ArkEcosystem salutes and thanks Gilles Fedak, CEO and co-founder of @iEx_ec for his welcome and interesting discussions around the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

iExec has very strong research foundations stretched over almost two decades. The development is going better and smoother because they theorized everything in academia already. Their distributed "grid computing" framework also put them in the picture of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project. Part of the nodes, used in perhaps the biggest scientific project in the world, is the achievement of the iExec team members. They are a different class of scientist's and developers. It's not your average crypto project, but a ambitious plan to decentralize cloud computing. Done by passionate developers that litteraly made it their lifework 🙏

With your tech be suitable for this project? Team makes hints about the switching to some cloud based infrastructure and partnerships with crypto based cloud provider. So I'm curious probably it is Iexec?🤔🤔

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Gergio God
Don't think I'm a short-term investor complaining; I'm very offended

Listing and "marketing" are argument of short term investor.What the point of a listing during a bearmarket like this ? Exept a little pump and dump. (And it is not true anymore, look at last listing in Coinbase. People don't care anymore)Binance is the biggest exchange. RLC is on it. It's enough for investor to buy.Marketing : iExec is on all major events. They meet a shitload of companies. They do B2B market. They focus on developers. Not on cryptoinvestor (for the moment).Get offended if you want.

As a LT investor, i prefer a company connected with Intel, IBM, Ubisoft etc. Than a company that do cryptoinvestor marketing but with a project that don't move

B2B marketing > crypto marketing for the moment.

I'll be purchasing RLC in my next Crypto buy. Which will probably be tomorrow

Hello Im Drunk
You can just randomly pick anything and bet on it. You're profits are based on nothing else then luck.

Whether from skill or luck, profit is profit. And lets not pretend all of crypto isn't one giant exercise in educated gambling. There is no investment here, none.

Does anyone wants to attend to Paris Blockchain Summit ? I have preferential price for tickets, PM ME if interested. CryptoThanks

👆 Ah! Just discovered they happen to be opening the iExec V3 repos tomorrow! @CrypToGhazz - so feel free to have a sneak peak if you want to dive in to the code 💻

Can someone also tell me what the partnerships of iexec exists out of? I know there’s quite some partnerships, but as you are aware a partnership in crypto could mean that you partner with starbucks because you get lunch there every friday. I’d like to know what deals are made here. What you mean for each other.

What i dont like about btc is there is just SO much outstanding in circulation that was mined at easiness unprecidented today

I Think that the bulk of the CEO Crypto projects consists of former investors or miners who started a project. Money makes money

So although ethereum does dominate by far, there’s a lot that can be improved with the crypto space still at a very early stage of the game.😀

Hello community, I have been away from cryptos for a few months until yesterday. I tried trading RLC on binance but seem like I couldn’t set my limit sell. Is there a reason why this is happening?

Kekse und Bitcoin - her damit!
Sorry. It's in German language but it is about an upcoming ETF with cloud computing blockchain companies issued by to services. I hope RLC will be one of the included altcoins.
Unfortunately, this is not a Crypto ETF, so RLC will be out of the picture. Checking directly into the BKCH ETF details, it will invest into company equities whith a strong focus on cloud-computing and digital companies which are implementing blockchain/ledgers; but it's clearly stated that it will not invest into cryptocurrencies. Besides, they are looking at a min of $750M market cap with improving earning trends to compose the portfolio.

Today s crypto market awaits for Real use cases. For those who will deliver, returns could be Sky high. My only opinion.

In the here above mentionned news, it is named 13 crypto projects about cloud storage. I can not find in any except us a so large partner like IBM. This must be one of our assets that we have sooner or later to advertise a little bit more ( perhaps after V3 is live ? )

Only crypto project out there making real life connections

Commitment of the team to projectLevel and quality of development activityNetwork / smart contract stabilityLevel of public communicationResponsiveness to our periodic due diligence requestsEvidence of unethical / fraudulent conductContribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

Current crypto environment is now about proove what you can do. When the product will work, then it will be time for Korea and the rest of the world. It can be as soon as in May if I understood well. Patience is key.

People loose money all the time, even in the stock market... because they take aimless guesses, they dont research or they are driven by trends... People to this day are wasting a fortune on "penny stocks"... The key in ANY investment, i don't care where it is... Stocks, a business adventure, or crypto.... it comes down to research... Placing bets in favorable odds and outcomes..Now remember, I said I only look for impressive returns... I dont care about making 100%, or 200% of my money back... I want thousands of %... Now dont let me influence your investment decisions.... This is my experience, my money and my investments... But I sure take my money very very seriously.

Many people wonder... "How do you know if something is undervalued or overvalued?" and this has very little to do with "cash value" and is more based on the intrinsic value / fundamental value... After extensive research you should be comfortable buying an asset without even knowing the price... You should be confident the company will still be around in 10 years..When I researched RLC, the company and team behind it have already been around since 1999... The technology they have developed is already utilized far before the blockchain was invented... In my opinion Giles pretty much invented grid computing with his colleagues. I dont see them going away... I'm not even concerned about it... not the slightest bit. Even if iExec mysteriously got de-listed from Binance... I'm confident mainstream would snatch it up down the road... The biggest risk is the asset class being a "security" vs a "utility" and how this plays out in the future legally.. But this is a risk not just limited to iExec's RLC... But the majority of these assets... So you must understand there is risks in crypto in general... then there is a business evaluation risk... iExec passes with flying colors in my business evaluation.

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Sorry Jamie, you can't just share anything here. This channel is for discussing iExec. And why is David Guetta in the promo video for a crypto exchange platform?

It seems RLC price is not matter for the team at all. I appreciate the fact team takes care on the development but they abandoned RLC token at all. Pity😔

Let us not make a drama of this. The market itself with all the developments is already a tragedy in itself. It takes a certain amount of time for the market to indicate the right direction.Cryptocurrency can already be traded without this having to represent a product. Blockchain itself is not a strong sales tool to provide interconnection to parties, just as example kubernetes can not do this alone. It is what you want to achieve with it. iExec as a company will come up with plans to acquire revenues but it is important that this network does not entail any costs in the chain.