HADRON is the first blockchain-secured platform that enables complete resource sharing and integrates a decentralized app shop so that users can monetize their devices and developers can build potent apps leveraging Hadron's cryptocurrency and shared cloud resources. Ankr Network (Cloud Computing) Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware. Ankr provides a computation-resource-efficient blockchain and an integrated data feed system leveraging both cryptographic primitives and trusted hardware. Perlin (Cloud Computing) Perlin Network frames a trustless market around an untapped computing power supply consisting of highly underutilized computing resources to make supercomputing economically viable and accessible globally. RRChain (Cloud Computing) RRNC creates a blockchain-based decentralized computing network, collects the most use of the unused computing power of personal computers and smart terminals. Taxa Network (Cloud Computing) Performance, Privacy & Usability for Every Blockchain Urbit (Cloud Computing) A personal server is a virtual computer which stores your data, runs your apps, and manages your connected devices. + AIKON------thanks a lot i just wanted to say that are many competitors are rising and IExec have done a lot work but people see only Hype IExec need to think about marketing IMO in our days it is skill as well to sell your accomplished work present yourself/ Maybe some comparison to this projects would be helpfull to show the strength of IExec

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Hello! Why this project need own token?

The protocol used to verify the integrity of the workers is called Proof of Contribution (PoCo for short). Amongst other things what this does is locks up RLC from the worker to 'stake' on their honesty. If they are caught to be dishonest, they lose this staked RLC. It is important to use a token separate to ETH in this feature to protect against market fluctuations in the ETH market, and also since iExec is to be blockchain agnostic allowing offchain computation for many platforms. Building on top of this essential use for RLC, it is to be used to buy conputing resources and use dApps on the network, eventually also being used in the proposed data marketplace which should be unveiled in May 2019. Using RLC as a means for barter ensures that the staking mechanism works as smoothly as possible since the worker is being paid in a currency they themselves are staking.

Finally, the value chain also includes banks and credit card processors as key players in the cryptocurrency value chain, as they play a very active role in developing closed or permissioned blockchains, like Enterprise Ethereum Alliance100, Hyperledger project101, R3 Consortium with Corda102, UBS bank and its Utility Settlement Coin (USC)103, JP Morgan and its Quorum project104 or Ripple collaboration with Santander Bank and American Express105. They keep relations with central banks and regulators as a way to provide their own solutions to the cryptocurrency world.

The biggest barrier I find for every person to 'get' these new solutions and ideas is understanding why a crypto currency (magical internet money) can be valuable and should be used in place of fiat in these types of system

The thing is... Bitcoin can never ever be linked to gold! And never should! It would be wiser to compare Bitcoin with something along the lines of a nation or world-wide used currency as the U.S dollar for example. Which is used as an SOV, a global currency, in many markets and decided upon by far more governments, institutions and enterprises then just the SEC commission. A bunch of bureaucrats deciding the fate of our "gold" is just wrong. Around 90% of the mined BTC is sitting in 0.5% of all the wallets. And around 65% of all BTC is owned by 0.07% of the wallets. An incredible amount of wealth within the hands of a select few. Gold is stored as an SOV by every country and bank to backup their own currency. And almost everyone in world owns a bit of gold. The mining of gold isn't as centralised as BTC either. It's a mineral that's hidden in every corner of this earth and has thousands of years of history as being seen and used as an SOV. Nevertheless don't take all of my comments literally! I tend to be frustrated about the bear market as anyone else would legitimately be. I hate my own countries currency with a passion too, because it's owned and controlled by my government and most of it is held in the hands of a select few. Still I love it just the same, because with it I can sustain a great life for myself and the people I hold dear. It's a hate/love relationship. For me it's the same with Bitcoin. What we need in cryptocurrencies is our own digital gold! Something (Almost) completely decentralised and thrustworthy in the hands of many. Bitcoin will probably stay a global currency and a SOV in the blockchain markets of the futures, but it should NEVER be the base SOV of all cryptocurrencies imho. We need something better is all I'm saying.

Im behind your logic that Bitcoin has by far the highest chance of becoming the standard we use for everything related to cryptocurrencies, just not in its current form. As of now its the MySpace of the cryptocurrencies. Nobody uses MySpace anymore for many good reasons, even though it kinda made social media popular. Doing SOV as the only "usecase" is silly. Gold was a tradable currency before anything else. Those transaction costs and the TPS of BTC needs fixing asap. I see this as something highly important.

The Qwerty keyboard was the first to be adopted even though better ones came shortly after it. Usually standards and SOV's are a "first come first serve" kind of thing. So in that regard the technical aspects of BTC aren't that important at all. Nevertheless we need to bring Bitcoin into the hands of many. A tradable currency is what Bitcoin needs to stay focused on. It doesn't have to be the best at it, but it's needed for more trust and better distribution of wealth.

Every country needs to hold a certain amount of gold reserves to meet its import liabilities and other debt commitments. It's a SOV, no matter how much the government spins it around for their own benefits. Countries import gold to balance out the pressure it has on their local currency and maintain their export competitiveness. Gold is also used as a inflation hedge. It's a necessary SOV to counter any possible shocks the currency issued by the government may risk facing. Cryptocurrencies need to find their own "digital gold", would be a good thing imho.

And btc may inevitably become a world currency???

Or some have explained that BTC will become a Settlement Currency

What it means? It's good for iExec to be associated with a top 20 CMC cryptocurrency imho. Especially one as big as Monero. It seems to be a mining pool, but nobody knows the exact coolaberation yet.

And btc simply cannabalizing the market by being the preferred crypto currency

Hi all, I see that there is not a lot of Iexec community support on r/cryptocurrency even if I know that they are very picky with Iexec and their brigading issues (and I really believe that they have something against Iexec as I am in a lot of tg where there is brigading without even np and their posts are still there). However every day I go to this reddit chan, search for last iexec news and upvote/comment new posts. I think if people do that 5min a day it would serve a lot the cause and raise our voice there without being blocked by their brigading policy. My 2 cents

Everyone make sure to search r/cryptocurrency for posts about iexec from time to time to make sure we help show the community about app the advances the team is making

"This may be because the technology is complicated, and the group of people who receive it is still somewhat limited, which does not mean that people are ridiculously rich and the market for cryptocurrency." Source: (yesterday's article) With that you can insinuate that the market puts us on the wrong track. So where is the truth? "the blockchain is about decentralization of computing and economy, not about cryptocurrencies, coins, tokens, and exchanges!" Source: This statement also indicates that a cryptocurrency is not a liberation as a legitimate means of payment. In this situation, the market must be manipulated too much in one direction. See to BTC and reinforcing dominance in the market. Now there is still a distinction between fiction and reality. * This comes from the pre-made hype by community or white papers from the relevant project. * Not every blockchain needs a token or vice versa. * There is no token economy without service or vice versa. * There is too much supply and too little demand in the market. etc etc. The market will indicate its direction, but it needs time.🤝

From the internet: 'Gazua' means 'Let's get it', you are about to hear a lit experience or hear some hype news. Gazua, an idiom meaning of 'let's go' is derivative of a Korean word 'gaza' in the hope of meeting the targeted price of cryptocurrency.

It would be wise to check them out first. PwC is well known for doing good things in the business and financial world and have excellent working environments for their employees. Its still one of the top firms to work for in America, they're not an "evil" company by any means. In the beginning of this year they made a Cryptocurrency Disaster Recovery Plan (CDRP). Forcing crypto projects to make (crisis management) plans for their tokens/coins. In the categories of adverse events, security incidents and private key compromises.

Buy RLC today before the fiat crash, RLC the only lasting currency on this planet 👍

ADA, EOS, especialy XRP

XRP is a one trick pony, same as Nano, I am suprised blockstreams idea for sidechains for fast btc transactions has not been implemented by anybody. Also, XRP is centralised, not a PLATFORM, not a stablecoin etc, it is a weird middle ground between secure payment provider and cryptocurrency. EOS is somehow worse than XRP and its distribution scheme is bizarre, the scam that keeps on scamming. I have no unkind words for ADA.

nice video! thanks! I dont agree with everything though. Projects where currency is mined by performing tasks and that have their own utility token can succeed, in my opinion.

Fuck the euro lets use global currency like bitcoin

Had an idea. Could a cryptocurrency use iEXEC proof of contribution for purposes of merged mining? For example a Bitcoin clone using PoC to mine blocks. This would make mining useful while still allowing crypto to use mining as a way of achieving consensus.

It would be very good that each currency cost $ 100 in the future, for something I have investment here, but you also have to think realistically and not get carried away by the comments of all the people. I do not make the comment with the intention of generating controversy, but that I keep my feet on the ground. Greetings.

I dont see what that would look like. So users would run workers using the IBM cloud and dapps would also run on the same cloud and the computation between them will be managed by iEXEC? That doesnt sound right
The TC API was developed within EEA, and it can be used with both the public Ethereum network where cryptocurrency is traded as well as with emerging private Ethereum networks deployed by businesses.

XRP? Jajajja the joke of the year two shitcoin against trend, the trend is down, all currency against trend does not look good and if it is XRP and XlM then nothing to comment hahaha. In a year we talked, I have no desire to win as you notice, I have patience and apart I do not worry if you go down, or speak falsehoods or things when you go up. I say what it is ...... What's more, you're so ridiculous, I'm impatient that you're in the group of a "shitcoin", what are you doing here? Why do not you go to the groups of your coins? They are big projects, you should go out and not be bothering here.

We need to make this go viral on Reddit cryptocurrency main page. Seriously it's a big development for the crypto eco system as a whole

"Is anyone in this cryptocurrency channel interested in cryptocurrency?" 😂😂😂 gotta give em points for trying something different

Hi Leig, good question - no, iExec does not handle any fiat or sell/convert RLC tokens. This is done through third parties. However, we're looking for partnerships to make this process as smooth, easy and fast as possible for those not so familiar with the cyryptocurrency space 😉

It's a old picture from a article saved on my phone... I'm trying to find it again 😅But fact remains that any exchange listing is a waste of funds imho. If regulations kick in (hopefully this year) the prices of listings will drop significantly I think.This might help
For example, if I buy an x brand or a product / application, I am the end user. In blockchain technology I have read a lot that interconnection with multiple networks is important to have a functional stack connection. From user to product to achieve user-friendliness. What is the function or added value of so many exchanges where x project is on? Because KRW / RLC is important, why?

Krw/rlc pair ensures greater liquidity for the Korean market. Greater liquidity gives greater assurance to holders that they can easily convert their tokens to an alternate currency. Workers in Korea will desire the capacity to earn RLC and convert it with ease to KRW at their leisure

I think we just answered your intial question - as the back-end tech is still being worked on, there is still a lot of room for improvement in user experience and usability. Its hard work even getting your head around cryptocurrency wallets for the everyday person who doesn't want to allocate so much time or is willing to dive deep into research of emerging tech 😄

Damien Lewarne

This is the downfall of cryptocurrency

It's common practice in a unregulated market and every cryptocurrency has experienced some form of it. It doesn't mean p&d groups are bad, since it creates lots of awareness and potential FOMO. It's just part of the crypto market, like many other crazy practices and insider trading.

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If they are not generating any revenue. Then for long can they support the development. Once they are out of the ixo funds they are done. This is the time company financesYes, the cryptocurrency market has been bearish for some time now. Some companies are laying off, some are restructuring, and others are having severe financial problems. Some have posed the question of how iExec is currently doing ‘money-wise’ in the midst of current market conditions?We’d like to reassure you that we are funded and have enough treasury to carry out our development, and progress in our roadmap.Why haven’t we sold more/all of our ether? We’ve sold enough to be able to build and ship up to our promise. Our token sale was conducted early on and, at current prices, we simply don’t consider it optimal to sell more ether.iExec has strong faith and confidence in Ethereum, and we contribute to its further democratization through our various initiatives under the EEA umbrella. What market caps don’t show is that the Ethereum ecosystem is stronger than ever, as numbers and stats confirm.Moreover, apart from token price appreciation, iExec has multiple business models under study. From premium offerings to consortium blockchains, generating revenues and becoming a profitable company is one of the goals of iExec.Current prices are not stopping us from building. We will continue striving for a new cloud computing paradigm and wish other projects the best of luck.

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It is true, there are projects that are absolutely useless but have excellent marketing and that is why they are valued. But I do not want to generate discussion, I just want to expose my point of view. We are not able to pass 0.0000570 there is no buyer volume .... It is simply that, a trade can take up to 20 minutes between one and another. I do not ask that you find volume only to rise, what I ask is volume so that the currency has life, has movement and does not fail.

I sometimes see it mentioned in places that RLC tokenomics will be generally high token velocity, and unless plans have changed since half a year ago, I can't really argue against that assertion. Is this a misunderstanding or is there some mechanism other than the (presumably) minor effect staking-for-task function that influences the speculative value of RLC to be above the level of a currency that would simply be rapidly and indirectly bought by computing resources buyers (like automatically via request) and then immediately sold by computing resources sellers?Has a token burn mechanism ever been mentioned by any team member as something that is considered?

But cross-chain to currency pairs have to be made in order to be able to make a legal transaction?

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It seems RLC price is not matter for the team at all. I appreciate the fact team takes care on the development but they abandoned RLC token at all. Pity😔

Let us not make a drama of this. The market itself with all the developments is already a tragedy in itself. It takes a certain amount of time for the market to indicate the right direction.Cryptocurrency can already be traded without this having to represent a product. Blockchain itself is not a strong sales tool to provide interconnection to parties, just as example kubernetes can not do this alone. It is what you want to achieve with it. iExec as a company will come up with plans to acquire revenues but it is important that this network does not entail any costs in the chain.