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I wouldn't doubt if it wasn't included, lol. iExec isn't even on the radar of anyone it seems. Complete shitcoins are 20x the value of iExec.
I also want to share an article of Blaise Cavalli, he was part of the iExec team until Blaise started developing his own project. This article gives a good picture of the market and its flaws and possibilities. Utility and security tokens, stable tokens. Decentralization vs centralization in concensus. many, this article deserves more attention. IMO

Hey! Dev letter confirmed today?

Luckily the iExec middleware is flexible - so developing with other blockchains is technically possible. Its all Ethereum now 😄

nahmii seems like the only trustless 2nd layer ethereum scaling solution appropriate for iexec's use case that has completion of the necessary functionality in sight and dev tools ready for third parties to build on it

Dev letter is coming this week, i have little hope they will talk about gpu in there

The thing is that I CAN'T give you a tech analysis right now identifying synergies between the two projects. This requires somme work and this work CAN'T be done before this summer because the dev team is concentrated on V3. That said, EthCC can be a good place to talk about what we could do together and potentially even spend some time together during the ETH Paris Hackathon...

What next for rlc?
Sir HODL 🎩
Are they not allowed, Joris?

Of course it is. But iExec already has 3 channels for all necessary information.Community groups are a good development, yet it is desirable not to offer this in the official group.Thank you.
Hi. Is there a risk of bug Create2 in the forthcoming the hard forks Constantinople to smartcontract RLC_Token

Not something I am well enough informed on however. I'll ask our ethereum devs on their thoughts. I highly doubt there will be any issues with Constantinople.

Volume is irrespective of the product's development

We are aware 😄 thanks. I would say they take a lot of factors into account - they ask about product development, team, partnerships on a regular basis.

Commitment of the team to projectLevel and quality of development activityNetwork / smart contract stabilityLevel of public communicationResponsiveness to our periodic due diligence requestsEvidence of unethical / fraudulent conductContribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

This has so much potential to moon. If the devs did any type of hype news article. This could 5 x

Sun is shining and its warming up in the UK plus the Dev letter #27 is out. What more can you ask for?

V3 dev release set for 5th March woohoo! 👌

Hello everyone. Today we have an excellent announcement. iExec was selected as a winner of the ‘Investment for the Future’ programme by BPI, a French public investment bank, to support the development of a blockchain-based cloud solution for enterprise. This represent a 1M$ grant for developing the enterprise version of iExec. In short, think it as BaaS + iExec for consortium. More information later.

iExec was selected as a winner of the ‘Investment for the Future’ programme by BPI, a French public investment bank, to support the development of a blockchain-based cloud solution for enterprises.
iExec was selected as a winner of the ‘Investment for the Future’ programme by BPI, a French public investment bank, to support the development of a blockchain-based cloud solution for enterprises.

I just want to mention a few points about RLC:* Many retail investors do not have a structured view of RLC:- Token economics- How it works- Is RLC the token necessary?The sad thing is that iExec is one of the best projects in transparency and openness. You can read everything about iExec in DevLetters, Update letter, Dapp or the week series, Poco series. The team is always ready to answer a question on telegram or Slack.

RLC may still be worth $ 0.-. The team can work up and develop to V5 because they have enough funds. It is ultimately the revenue model that will make money for the company.

Many people wonder... "How do you know if something is undervalued or overvalued?" and this has very little to do with "cash value" and is more based on the intrinsic value / fundamental value... After extensive research you should be comfortable buying an asset without even knowing the price... You should be confident the company will still be around in 10 years..When I researched RLC, the company and team behind it have already been around since 1999... The technology they have developed is already utilized far before the blockchain was invented... In my opinion Giles pretty much invented grid computing with his colleagues. I dont see them going away... I'm not even concerned about it... not the slightest bit. Even if iExec mysteriously got de-listed from Binance... I'm confident mainstream would snatch it up down the road... The biggest risk is the asset class being a "security" vs a "utility" and how this plays out in the future legally.. But this is a risk not just limited to iExec's RLC... But the majority of these assets... So you must understand there is risks in crypto in general... then there is a business evaluation risk... iExec passes with flying colors in my business evaluation.

If we look at companies that are trying to be like iExec, you have SONM, MGD, Golem, Dfinity, etc... these are all amatures and most of them have no experience in grid computing... I don't think any of them do... Sure they may have there own developer skills, blockchain experience, etc... But try to find a decentralized computing asset that has ANY experience in desktop/grid computing... Try to find any competitor with as much research, history, and developments as iExec... \

Why is team taking loan to further development?

Could you tell me difference between RLC and Sonm ?
Golem, SONM and iExec have their own visions for the common goal for a new Internet enabled by the blockchain. However, their respective go-to-market strategies differ. Golem’s network aims to attract regular 3D rendering by supporting computations for Blender 3D rendering software. SONM aims to approach fog and edge computing from the beginning.At iExec, we invision an ubiquitous decentralized cloud where developers deploy their legacy application on top of iExec using our SDK. With this, the possibilities are endless.Source :
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You're missing the point it seems. If iExec uses SGX in any shape or form and something like hiding malware in SGX is possible, doesn't that mean that any dApp can compromise people's systems?

Have you even read the article you linked? (Intel Software Guard eXtensions (SGX) is a feature found in all modern Intel CPUs that allow developers to isolate applications in secure "enclaves.")You might also want to message Facebook, Github, Telegram also!! They might be at risk if they are using Intel CPUs!! 😂

I wanted insight from devs or someone with better knowledge about SGX

Ask on slack if you want to find a developer?

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Ah I thought they came here

Developers? No being here is a community managers job

Blair M
Yes, the idea is not to focus too much on this one specific demo but rather to imagine what is possible

What we have to think about is: as 5G connectivity increases, more people will want to connect to networked devices to access services. As IoT becomes more present, smart cities in which multiple connected devices such as cars, drones or robots carry out a multitude of complex and sensitive tasks autonomouslyThe demo shows that Blockchain-level consensus and a trusted execution environment (using Intel SGX) enables solutions to operate on a decentralized basis, autonomously and without a controlling central authority. While data owners remain in control of their assets and can control who can use them.

what means “dev’ ?

Also, is there a dev release tomorrow?
François (Dev iExec) is live on EthCC within half an hour10: 05-10: 35 François Branciard (iExec) - "Substrate Meets iExec: How to Build a Domain-Specific Token-Based Chain"Room: EthCC / 02 - Abbé GrégoireLink:

iExec smart contracts developer François Branciard talks live from #EthCC Ethereum Community Conference, 10:00 (Paris Time)."Substrate meets iExec: how to Build a Domain-Specific Token-Based Chain"

Making his big screen debut 😀 Florent will keep you updated live from EthCC in Paris this week. After Devcon, its one of the most significant Ethereum gatherings globally. Stay tuned!

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No. 7 March

Gilles is tonight, March 5th at 17:45. Our developer workshop is on the 7th

⬆️ Link to the dev workshop slides above for anyone who wants to code.👨‍💻 Build your own decentralized application 💻 Monetize your idle computing resources on the iExec Marketplace

Pls release dev v3 ;-;

Konijntje von Venas
There’s other projects, and my guess alot of companys are waiting out which one to use

We can say that many projects are still in development phase. We know there has been a lot of interest in decentralized and distributed cloud solutions and we are building the infrastructure to provide the best and most secure solution possible.

It seems RLC price is not matter for the team at all. I appreciate the fact team takes care on the development but they abandoned RLC token at all. Pity😔

It seems RLC price is not matter for the team at all. I appreciate the fact team takes care on the development but they abandoned RLC token at all. Pity😔

Let us not make a drama of this. The market itself with all the developments is already a tragedy in itself. It takes a certain amount of time for the market to indicate the right direction.Cryptocurrency can already be traded without this having to represent a product. Blockchain itself is not a strong sales tool to provide interconnection to parties, just as example kubernetes can not do this alone. It is what you want to achieve with it. iExec as a company will come up with plans to acquire revenues but it is important that this network does not entail any costs in the chain.