Ethereum is only used to "settle" the compensation/payment that cpu buyers give to cpu providers in exchange for their service

i like how he explain the entire ethereum ecosystem

ethereum went up 4000 % in a year

I'm familiar with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance but not a working group

A focused group for setting standards for the ethereum community and beyond

Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, etc... can't work at their full potentials without a second layer like iexec

They are working together yes. iExec and intel are leading the offchain initiave for Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

@wasbnd Congratulations! RLC has been listed on TokenJar, a decentralized exchange features in zero service fees and direct transaction from wallet to wallet, without the need for deposit, registration and KYC. Our underlying technology is 0x Protocol, an open and permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. TokenJar is one of 0x Relayers.For this reason, we are seeking to display the token-listing information on TokenJar in your pinned message.

Sharding is also expected to help Ethereum.

There is the threat of Zilliqa taking a lot of Ethereum miners with their sharding launch first.

Perhaps - JP Morgan bringing Capital Markets to erc20 via Dromaius is a big bull sign for the ethereum network for myself. Whether or not the price of ETH will rise in tandem is up to be answered. However, via RSK interoperability, eth contracts could be settled in bitcoin. Whatever happens, the scene is exciting and I feel privileged to witness its progression

It should open up doorways for trustless proxy bitcoins traded/settled on ethereum too... I think eth has interoperability with RSK

We use our own sidechain (Ethereum sidechain with gates) and not relying on Ethereum scalability (which could be better).

how do you connect your sidechain to ethereum main?

Article says ‘Founder of Ethereum blockchain Joseph Lubin calls it is a "heavy duty" move by the tech giant to get into blockchain.’ I thought its Vitalik? Lol

Ethereum worth just over 42 cents in 2015

Movement will come next week with V2 launch. Hang tight because we are about to be part of something very special!

This! Don't miss the rocket by daytrading. When awareness kicks in things will start to move fast. They have been close with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, won the Red Herring award for most promising company in Europe, have close ties with Intel Ubisoft the French Senate, etc. It's unreal to see a crypto like iExec around the #100 spot on CMC. It'll have a bullrun before or after they start marketing more to the public.

RSK is the answer of Bitcoin towards Ethereum's smart contract platform.

This! The big fishes are playing with all of us. Bitcoin has been messing around with support levels for months. It's not normal market behaviour imho

I agree, manipulation in the purest form. I have the feeling it has something to do with the new tusd listed pairing (which is among others backed by Goldman Sachs). Traditional banks want to get into crypto cheap. They have close relations with the SEC and spread fud like Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. They'll blow up tether which will cause btc to crash while they can buy it cheap. Anyway, great day to buy some RLC! The price will go up soon.

@Fatih92 Bitcoin is not considered 'turing-complete' - its simple mechanisms don’t allow for much more than the distribution of value, The ethereum platform (as well as NEO and others) is considered Turing-complete as it allows code to be written for rules that can trigger anything, in any way. Therefore SBTC sidechain needs to be used to allow for ‘smart contracts’ on the BTC chain.

" An alternative project, which also led to live demonstrations, is the collaboration between iExec and Intel initiated within the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)."

Spot on. Early days the coins which now rule crypto were regularly halving in value. Long term will be interesting indeed

been reading archives from 2014, where people been saying, ethereum is a scam, buterin is a russian scammer. One guy said "bought 300 eth, hope it will cost something, then i will buy an apartment"

Active ethereum addresses which own rlc token is that what you mean ?

The news has been posted on: r/cryptocurrency: r/ethereum: r/altcoin & r/Ethtrader

As Wassim said a while back they are building a story. Whilst it would be nice to have a CT article for each announcement it would be costly, with that money spent better elsewhere on other marketing activity. When the CT article does come out it wont be 'Ubisoft', 'Intel', 'TFCloud' or [insert any of the plethora of the great achievements] as isolated articles but a story encompassing all of them, which will blow the reader away if they are not yet Honestly it'll have somewhat of a similar effect of someone reading Ethereums Enterprise Alliance article for the first time, although the eth community itself, most likely knew that these players were dipping their toes into Ethereum. It just makes me wonder what other parts of the story their waiting for before dropping a killer CT article

Good point Alex! I remember when nobody knew a thing about Ethereum. It exploded when people finally got it

also, don't believe, the "smart contracts" thing sold ethereum to dump money, dumb money came when hype started

at least ethereum, and iexec has a ground for it's value

- people can't even pronounce bitcoin or Ethereum properly. Who cares if they can pronounce iExec or rlc ? They're is others problematics than names and ticker.

Not sure, but nothing of this is final. Getting incentives up is important for the future for sure, but much more important right now is getting actual users on the system and lowering the costs associated with the ethereum smart contracts ;)

if they offer same thing as Bitcoin and Ethereum, then, kinda of hard for them to succeed

RSK is like Ethereum in a way

Yes, ethereum is a platform for smart contracts. This is a smart contracts platform on the Bitcoin blockchain, although a sidechain of BTC.

" Once V2 is made compatible with RSK as a next milestone, RSK applications and their smart contracts will be able to access the same decentralized cloud that Ethereum dapps make use of."

Blair M
So decentralized applications built on this blockchain will also be able to execute computations through iExec. Not just Ethereuem dapps.

what about RLC token, did we cross the no way back line, and remain on Ethereum, or it's still possible to migrate to another blockchain, or a fork?

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If the promises made by iota turn out to be true and they can deliver general purpose smart contracts, their platform would be vastly superior to ethereum in terms of scalability

High tx fees are one the biggest problems for smart contracts right now

Iexec is not subject to tx fees they will actually allow ethereum to scale better by offloading unnecessary tx offchain

iExec commoditizes cloud computing, it’s not a blockchain. It uses Ethereum

Ethereum is just for the logic layer, the payments part

iExec piggybacks off of the Ethereum blockchain, iExec does not have it’s own chain, if that makes sense

things like sharding for Ethereum will work perfectly for iExec

Scott Gray -
this is iExec not Ripple

i mean, if iExec made their own sidechain and only periodically settling on Ethereum mainnet, then we would need a watchdog to make sure the sidechain is legit.

And wouldn't I sidechain still be cheaper? Data storage on the main chain still costs a lot with plasma, right?

I remember watching a recent talk with vitalik saying 250gb storage on Ethereums VM costs approx $80m+ at current rates - 1000000x more inefficient than AWS. With their scaling solutions they are hoping to bring it to 1000x more inefficient than AWS, which sounds a lot - but considering the pro's it brings, it will still be highly attractive for certain use cases: security, censor resistant, trabsparent etc Side chain makes much more sense economically but i dont know about the technicals to truly say the pros and cons of such a move

instead of everyone making their own sidechains with different code and possible security holes, plasma will allow everyone to use the same code base so that everyone is compatible

Making a sidechain yourself isn't hard though,just spin up a new ethereum chain. The only part is how to interface with the main chain. I think a iexec sidechain could be cheaper because people don't need to pay for internal sidechain transactions at all, mining/staking would just be part of the iexec worker

keklord peepee
how does it have fees if everything is done offchain

Fees are the ethereum transaction fees you pay to fill your order with iExec. iExec uses ethereum as settlement layer despite computation done off chain