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A fair suggestion. There were over 300 unique wallets participate in the last workerdrop. Without the prospect of earning real tokens, we would have had no where near that big an intrest and would never have learned what we did from having the scheduler deal with a larger worker count. We may well offer something like that before public workerpools are fully integrated, it would be nice to know that there exists some dedicates supporters of the project like that though 😉

I think you underestimate the community as you had around 300 wallets. But you missing the point that in order to participate in the workdrop members had to have real ETH on the account and someone decided to skip extra expenses without the guarantee that they will be rewarded. PC recourses allow to launch on the same machine several VMs and have several ETH wallet. Besides your script could work in the testnet not 8-24 hours but for a week for example. As I understood during the workdrop the pool had some sort of DDos attach. And I want to point that you have amazing IExec sdk, I'm impressed! Welldone

for example - Category 5 (Cat. 5) : A user who launches the task can send 1GB of data and has the right to 60 minutes (3600 seconds) of calculation time while the result should not exceed 1GB

Traditional business leak money for years before bevoming profitable. Of course its not an apples to apples comparison but network effects and adoption doesnt happen on day 1 of product launch

Does anyone know how to fix? latest: Pulling from iexechub/iexec-sdk Digest: sha256:51715ad6d635483c4f57abd3cdae88fce23efa035598280b404fbdeef6bd75b2 Status: Image is up to date for iexechub/iexec-sdk:latest Stopped worker detected. Launching stopped worker. 0426cc584a84 connect: Connection refused connect:errno=22 Certificate couldn't be downloaded, stopping now Press [Enter] to exit...

do not worry about the price, after the launch of public pools and the launch of the entire platform, the demand in the market will do its job

will iexec launch on eos as well?

Also frivalous bonuses, self valued at 1.7 billion mcap with no public beta launched. I dont know enough about the technicals but it seems like a deepbrainchain type of way of running things, lots of hype. I think it will dump massivly upon launch, essentially no ICO during 2018 has been able to sustain its ico price even

The platform hasn't gone public yet. It runs on private servers. What you see is a template of what's to come at launch. There will be one more workerdrop to fine-tune everything and then the public will gain access. You can expect all of this to happen in the upcoming week(s).

No they're not. With template I meant it's not accessible to us yet. Those DApps will all work at launch.

Scott Gray -
Fundamental analysis predicates technical analysis

I would disagree. The last 10 months have shown an increase in development. More code. Launched projects. Tested betas. All the while price is dropping. Technically the market was oversold.

BiFun officially launched BIR coins Annualized income up to 1150% Register for a complimentary 100 BIR coins (worth 40 yuan) Website:

Sidechain scaling and "bag of tasks" need to be implemented before using the platform makes any sense. I agree that real dApps are mostly a meme and don't require offchain compute, but I'm hoping for a big cost reduction vs traditional clouds once public workers are online and marketplace fees have reduced by a factor of 100. For Apps like OpenMole or ML training, having the possibility to launch cheap, one-off tasks (best with use of GPU) is very important and if done right, will get huge demand on the platform.So tldr: Ethereum dApps=meme, Sidechain+bag of tasks+GPU=high demand

Blair M
Did you find the easter egg in the article Scott? 😆

Could Ledger be moving towards launching a virtual wallet as a dApp, using sgx in a TEE? *takes off tinfoil hat*

New Ethex Trader Wallet launches for both iOS and Android!

What do you think about this reddit post?"Lol demand for what? Nobody is holding this token when they are actually using services. Services on the network are pegged at fiat value. People buy x amount of token=x amount of fiat, then transact the token they bought for services then token is now back in circulating supply. Demand isn't real when a tokens only purpose is to be a pegged at a fiat price then transacted. I'm just trying to say feel free to speculate on utility tokens but as soon as a product is launched there is no longer speculative value of the token so holding any longterm isn't the smartest idea."

About security. Claim that SGX does not protect a program running on video cards? Not at all. This is just about the processor. In this video card is an expensive resource on the machine.Here are some cons of using SGX:-The grid is limited by the running software and the software must be modified with a special grid!-PoCo gives an overhead in times (the same calculation is repeated an infinite number of times), which means - see the economy. It's profitable?-besides the above, the application also needs to be registered on the blockchain (all other things being equal, if without PoCo) this is redundant and extremely inconvenient.-EVERY software launch runs through the blockchain. It is expensive, slow and redundant.And it turns out that the economy is not compatible with PoCo or SGX.And without PoCo, this is all meaningless, and we get an uncomfortable version of SONM.

right! and after waiting for launch V3

Main net is live but resources but test-net is still running, its there for now to let devs experiment with the platform with free resources 🙂 Public workerpools will see the launch of main net. The tests we've already held, 'Workerdrops' were held on Ethereum main net, of course - as real RLC was earned (rather than test net RLC).

I have a black screen when launching the VM

Tasks were launched sparingly as the tests went on as we wanted to observe how the consensus algorythm behaved on Ethereum Main net. Is a whole different story from Kovan!

Konijntje von Venas
when is this planned?

V3 which is planned for Q1 or early Q2 is the open public launch in which people can connect and 'lend/rent' their CPU power for RLC tokens . Very close

What is iexec core ? A dektop software with wallet to launch tasks, manage data, etc ?

Im very eager to learn more about v3 and the data market

I am also, @ThirteenCircles😃 curious for the following developments with Parity, 0x & RSK, IBM Cloud Data Shield / Fortanix, Scone University of Dresden and Shanghai Tech University. The developments in decentralized marketplace and Interprise Ready, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification V1 for April 2019 and Flexible Launch Control from Intel that makes it possible to activate 3rd party enclaves etc.

Some interesting news:
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When mainnet launch?

Don’t really know what you mean by mainnet. See the whitepaper or updated roadmaps. V3 is expected to launch Q2 2019 for users and Q1 for developers

Are the iEXEC RLC tokens ever going to be swapped with real coins once the main net is launched?

Arto Kalishian
Are the iEXEC RLC tokens ever going to be swapped with real coins once the main net is launched?

Mainnet is launched. iExec runs as a 2nd layer solution so its own base chain is not required.
When will V2 be live?

V2 Is already live, V3 will be launched in May this year

Just strted reserching the proejct ..liek what I saw thing is conecrning though that the first version was launched in Nov 17 but there is hardly been any adoption..can the admin please comment ?