Dark times....Iexec could have news if partnering with IBM, Amazon, and God....still wouldnt effect RLC. Lol gotta stay patient folks

Hmm btc drop 300usd 24 hours.. Rlc price increase lol

i thought IBM partnership was announced ages ago lol

Still long way to go then 6 months,in crypto space is 6 years lol

What do you think about this reddit post?"Lol demand for what? Nobody is holding this token when they are actually using services. Services on the network are pegged at fiat value. People buy x amount of token=x amount of fiat, then transact the token they bought for services then token is now back in circulating supply. Demand isn't real when a tokens only purpose is to be a pegged at a fiat price then transacted. I'm just trying to say feel free to speculate on utility tokens but as soon as a product is launched there is no longer speculative value of the token so holding any longterm isn't the smartest idea."

I saw people on Golem completing double digit amount of tasks for tiny $0.01 payouts lol

lol i hope this exercise pays for gas cost

Blair M
Why not? You cannot install the VM?

My comp is very very slow. I cant perform mining or other things like that or my comp is freezing 😁😅. Its running on win xp you see, lol. I most use my mobile years ago.

i have the feeling it will be like wd1, nothing to compute lol

happy to help test the network in WD3, tho i didn't even make enough to cover the gas cost lol

admins on a xmas break? lol

What is happening lol.

this is a pump and dump lol

it is palm venice beach again spelling mistake TAo lol

Lol, how do you even have money if your only reason to buy is because its getting shilled on biz

LOL, yes. And I work with large mining interests.Profits are up, but we're not dummies: need to plan for the next mining dip.

Lol. I just made the bots sell this down to 0000710 btc by simply placing my sell wall up. Thanx for the cheap tokens! Haha

LOL is that your 200k

The service sells itself. 👍

I wouldn't doubt if it wasn't included, lol. iExec isn't even on the radar of anyone it seems. Complete shitcoins are 20x the value of iExec.

this whole market is retarded lol

This is what I mean, you don't research.

Lol good luck hodling your shit coin bag from shitty exchanges no one is going to buy your bag.