I'm very close to the 3d blender, but I do not use it, because I have to study it and so on, I have a maya for this, so among the 3d editors, the most giants are zbrush, maya, cinema, but they are all paid and frantic money, blender such a mansion is FREE, people will be drawn to do cool things in it, and so on, visualize, and it's always better to see once. Than hear a hundred times, for example, a Hollywood cartoon from a pixar about a snow queen was rendered six months, the next cartoon is from the pixar city of heroes, if would have been rendered by the old method as the queen, then it would have taken two years, continuously growing and growing need for cheap and fast platofrmah for this business, and will cost pennies compared to that Wait, so all Pts cool and cool !!!!

thanks onemore time all!!!

if game industry bigger than cinema and movie entertainment, mike novogratz said that game dota or another -live stream had more viewers than NBA

You dont belong in crypto... Impatiance is your worst enemy

The bigger enemy here is AWS

I just turned off auto load as well. Was wondering why my phone was getting rinsed 😂 tbh iexec chan isnt even near the worst offender for tg data useage, Achain was public enemy number 1 of my data plan 😛

Nope. Freedom of speech above all. It won't change anything if the governement starts spying on people through Telegram, so they don't

You built a permissionless untrusted, opened environnement, which is great. And to scale it better youve put the security, the privacy and even more the checking of the worker job on the customer's side. I wouldn't mind if you were telling me that it is just for early stage. But it looks like you don't have intention to change that

in a decentralized environemment i doubt sonm will be accountable for any misbehaviour of one of its worker

Wtf, anemol just had 2 tasks

Anemol, i will find you

My worker is unemployed 😢 0 RLC earned...

Tom Brown

Lol the ending of the spam sounds like its been directly ripped off from the intro to Eminem - 8 Mile 😂😅

Those are not limitations to me, but the contingency of the blockchain open and permissionless environnement

It could help in rendering, as videogames need much huge amount power in their creation.

the processing is task based though right not real time? so i thought rendering images in real time wouldn't be possible with this. I guess it would be for cinematics?

2 crypto-bourses hors ligne suite à une panne d’Amazon Web ServicesSuite à un dysfonctionnement d’Amazon Web Services (AWS), les plateformes d’échange de crypto-monnaies sud-coréennes UpBit et Coinone sont restées hors ligne pendant près d’une heure.   AWS, le service cloud…L’article 2 crypto-bourses hors ligne suite à une panne d’Amazon Web Services est apparu en premier sur Cryptonaute.Merci de partager

Penso que nem todo mundo consegue acompanhar as infos em inglês. Num grupo em português ao menos aqueles que falam bem o inglês poderão nos elucidar varias infos Obrigado