I suspect a side chain solution or something of that ilk is most likely well underway with vision to release it by V3. I think they have Hadrien focussing on it at the moment iirc, and things can possibly move quickly in those sort of developments - especially if other teams (such as Loom) are already making strong headway in those areas - just like iExecs progress aides others in their own development utilising SGX etc. It wouldn't suprise me if iExec were keeping such information close to their chest until ready as not to show everyone else (Golem/SONM) their hand they are holding until it is ready to be played.

I'm not (thats why I sold and waiting to rebuy lol). It's just my opinion that enabling those cheap computations is one of the most important things to show that iExec actually has value for the business world. Waiting for Plasma to be completed (which could be Q4 2019 or later, no one knows) could prove to be a big mistake.

This market is based on speculation ... iExec is one of the better players on the market in terms of progression. And unfortunately no respect for it. With these words, I want to make it clear to you that much of your knowledge does not need answers in this technology. But you came up against Julien about shortcomings in the network. Development is in full swing. So what is going on here?

is your product live or in Beta + whatst the progress on it?

Good steady progress from iExec 👍

now we're free to get recked on ICO once it hit the market^^

That would be very nice. Especially for innovative projects / companies such as iExec. What would you do differently if you have one of the most progressive R & D companies in your country? The odds must be the same as in the emerging time of the internet. Take Netflix in particular. Even though the rules were the same in relation to competition and R & D, the rules must be the same as DLT companies even if the consequences are more disastrous with respect to fintech, interprise, etc. Let's hope that iExec gets these equal opportunities with this regulation .

Blair M
Yes it should cover that. In general terms however, the official documentation will dive a bit deeper into the techincal aspecs.

application support / container function (security, decentralization, serverless) Function of PoCo protocol, middleware and ETH (smart contract and scalability, possibilities) Edge possibilities to distrubut a cloud computing platform. Earnings model and extra options for interprise companies. Ecological progress to efficiency.

Is iExec planned to be used by dapps for simple payment verification across chains. Where for example an Ethereum based dapp uses iExec to confirm a simple payment verification on the Bitcoin blockchain. Apparently this is a computationally intensive task.

Eth still has a lot of scalability problems, but positive advances have been made. Take an example of Parity. BTC will obtain its smart contracts with RSK that works together with iExec to handle this computing. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of work around scalability, security, overheating on the protocol. iExec is Blockchain Agnostic and will be used on centralized servers in the future to not only meet customers in terms of cost efficiency but also progress in 5G and edge capabilities. Also do not forget that many blockchain projects will require cloud computing to be meaningful with regard to AI etc. The trend is in the rise of container related application that has found its way into the cloud. This application will have to develop further in security where the biggest culprit is in the cloud. With this software it is possible to remove a fixed hardware. Middleware is the key that can connect everything. (Data, cloud providers and workers) As iExec is built up. public / private / hybrid cloud options are not a solution for longer term. With the future of big data management.

A recent video review of the iExec project and our progress. The first ever decentralized Marketplace for buying and selling computing power.
Regardless of RLC listing, I see it as a great indicator of money waiting to enter alts which have passed scrutiny and through a trusted channel. Maybe btc dominance won't hit 60%+ afterall

Thanks Tom. @maxxar_92, Good to see you again 😄 If they looking for utility tokens, we know we've got a quality project with solid progress, we'll give the application our best shot.

OnChain governance is the way of the future. Any value creation though violence (Austrian economics definition of violence) will eventually be arbitrated out. In this case holding data in silos will be replaced by open data and opensource tech. Onchain governance then allows the value to shift from control of data to idiologies of governance It seems to me that Europe wants to regain control over its own data. Many American cloud companies own our data and not much has been invested in supercomputer in the last few years. Europe is numbered 14 in the top 500 and in France it is part of the Atos group. Atos is now second only to Amazon in the European cloud operation market, surpassing Microsoft and IBM. The new developments of blockchain will be a nice way out in this monopoly.

Would be interesting to see an adjusted market cap for projects that filters out scams and no dev progress projects

Allin Tether
That's awesome. And that's sad people don't understand it is not only using a software.

I think everyone is in agreement that it is great, the discussion was in my view more to as the phrasing of collaboration v partnership etc. That being said, RLC is is making great progress and I look forward to more updates!

In times like these, (which is basically the past year)...the only solice is seeing that no matter what happens to the market you know the Iexec team is still making progress behind closed doors. Regardless of how low it drops we can still believe in the quality of this company.

Maxime Thorpe
This really does not matter

Just gives a look at market sentiment vs real progress / project success in an immature market. That’s all I’m really interested in
I was expecting the same thing actually 🤔

It's first on a series so wait and see what come next. I noticed the wallet growth is typical of a distribution phase in TA. It's still reflecting the progression of iExec recognition in this space.

From update:”We’d like to reassure you that we are funded and have enough treasury to carry out our development, and progress in our roadmap.””Why haven’t we sold more/all of our ether? We’ve sold enough to be able to build and ship up to our promise. Our token sale was conducted early on and, at current prices, we simply don’t consider it optimal to sell more ether.”Am I to interpret this as funding for roadmap until V5 in 2021 is secured in non crypto assets? Is this what ”ship up to our promise” implies?

kk ss
If they are not generating any revenue. Then for long can they support the development. Once they are out of the ixo funds they are done. This is the time company financesYes, the cryptocurrency market has been bearish for some time now. Some companies are laying off, some are restructuring, and others are having severe financial problems. Some have posed the question of how iExec is currently doing ‘money-wise’ in the midst of current market conditions?We’d like to reassure you that we are funded and have enough treasury to carry out our development, and progress in our roadmap.Why haven’t we sold more/all of our ether? We’ve sold enough to be able to build and ship up to our promise. Our token sale was conducted early on and, at current prices, we simply don’t consider it optimal to sell more ether.iExec has strong faith and confidence in Ethereum, and we contribute to its further democratization through our various initiatives under the EEA umbrella. What market caps don’t show is that the Ethereum ecosystem is stronger than ever, as numbers and stats confirm.Moreover, apart from token price appreciation, iExec has multiple business models under study. From premium offerings to consortium blockchains, generating revenues and becoming a profitable company is one of the goals of iExec.Current prices are not stopping us from building. We will continue striving for a new cloud computing paradigm and wish other projects the best of luck.

They have made a really good progress in terms of development so far and now considering to switch on cloud provider

I have only seen progress in this project regardless of what the market says

We are making fast progress on GPU implementation. We know it is extremely important for many use cases (such as training DL algos), so what was initially planned for V4 will be a reality way way sooner!

All this progress really make me excited Things are moving fast. In some years only, everything will be connected. And the power needed for all this computation could come from iExec 🙌🏼

👍🏼🙌🏼 nearly every day progress and news. You are doing a great job iExec team!