Even though the company behind it owns 90%

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And hello all iExecuters! Hope we all have a good week 🚀

*beep* *boop* to you too Blair. Hope the team had a good weekend! Very happy Europe is noticeably getting lighter in the mornings and evenings

Can we all try to keep the chat more informative?As:What are the expectations for V3?What does iExecODB mean?I've been following iExec right from the start and even though the prize is a much talked topic, it does not have to be a main topic. 🙏Price-oriented and trading can be discussed in has been working with IBM Cloud on DataShield technology. The beta has just been announced at IBM Think 2019.A ‘Zero-Trust’ architecture is essential for iExec V3: Enterprise Edition, ensuring enterprises can run even their most sensitive workloads and datasets on shared hardware at a significantly lower risk.
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It's quite an exciting one 😉

Sadly, iExec news letter is always in my spams :( even if i always say it's not spam

Commitment of the team to projectLevel and quality of development activityNetwork / smart contract stabilityLevel of public communicationResponsiveness to our periodic due diligence requestsEvidence of unethical / fraudulent conductContribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

pretty unique investment for a bank (even if coming from gov)

@iLL123 Well...I agree with you and I hope that RLC will be like that.People don't really know RLC, they don't care,It will be even more brilliant if people come to know and be recognized someday.

Right now, all we need is patience... that is the key to investing... If you are holding RLC you already made a great investment decision... But the NEXT best thing you can do now... is wait / accumulate more... Right now the bear market put everything on the table... Many companies collapsed, many got hit with rules and regulations and forced to close... Others are so "afraid" of using their tokens because of laws... You now have companies who created a token, but arent even using it... why? because they are legally afraid to... You have exit scams, and CEO's "raising money" then you wonder why the asset dropped by 98%... Did RLC drop 98%? not even close... not even close

Don't be confused... RLC never really fell in value... Perhaps when you bought, but in comparison to the market it was BARELY impacted. I know because I bought a massive amount of them... and I can compare it to my portfolio at the time of purchase... If you were one of the people who bought RLC at $2... You should be lowering your average, if you haven't... I would... I would have kept lowering my average. "iExec raised the equivalent of $12,158,963 USD making it the 6th largest ICO in history. In total 86,999,784 RLC have been issued and distributed to 1100 contributors."Today we still have 86,999,785 RLC... The fundamental value was never lost, not a bit.. I started buying RLC when it was 40 cents... even pushed it up to about 48 cents doing so.... And this was a long time ago.. Today RLC is 0.27/0.28... not even a 50% drop from my buy-in price... But trust me, most assets were hit dramatically worse during the bear market... I witnessed it... So many 98%, 99% losses with a 24hr volume hitting $0 - <$100 (something you don't want to be in)

RLC may still be worth $ 0.-. The team can work up and develop to V5 because they have enough funds. It is ultimately the revenue model that will make money for the company.

People loose money all the time, even in the stock market... because they take aimless guesses, they dont research or they are driven by trends... People to this day are wasting a fortune on "penny stocks"... The key in ANY investment, i don't care where it is... Stocks, a business adventure, or crypto.... it comes down to research... Placing bets in favorable odds and outcomes..Now remember, I said I only look for impressive returns... I dont care about making 100%, or 200% of my money back... I want thousands of %... Now dont let me influence your investment decisions.... This is my experience, my money and my investments... But I sure take my money very very seriously.

@KekseundBitcoin You've got RLCs that you're ashamed to even say how much you have.

Even though this is not yet recognized by the market

Many people wonder... "How do you know if something is undervalued or overvalued?" and this has very little to do with "cash value" and is more based on the intrinsic value / fundamental value... After extensive research you should be comfortable buying an asset without even knowing the price... You should be confident the company will still be around in 10 years..When I researched RLC, the company and team behind it have already been around since 1999... The technology they have developed is already utilized far before the blockchain was invented... In my opinion Giles pretty much invented grid computing with his colleagues. I dont see them going away... I'm not even concerned about it... not the slightest bit. Even if iExec mysteriously got de-listed from Binance... I'm confident mainstream would snatch it up down the road... The biggest risk is the asset class being a "security" vs a "utility" and how this plays out in the future legally.. But this is a risk not just limited to iExec's RLC... But the majority of these assets... So you must understand there is risks in crypto in general... then there is a business evaluation risk... iExec passes with flying colors in my business evaluation. in this post no word about iExec. And yet I am a true believer in the company

You haven't open KRW at upbit after 1 year

They haven't open KRW after one year

even better, how can we begin to earn RLC? Right now we are supposed to be able to sell computation? But it's not yet done right.

@iLL123 you think RLC will generate %1000 return? You should look into AGRS. I'm invested in that and most people don't even know what it is yet.

RLC is great because look at the supply? very limited. But AGRS has even lower supply at 42 million, and is much more ambitious.

Didn't say you had to. I said look into it before judging it. It's ignorant to call something a scam without even looking at it.

doesnt even bother to say iexec or RLC

Hi Admin,Would like to know what are the known events for RLC in next two months.

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You're missing the point it seems. If iExec uses SGX in any shape or form and something like hiding malware in SGX is possible, doesn't that mean that any dApp can compromise people's systems?

Have you even read the article you linked? (Intel Software Guard eXtensions (SGX) is a feature found in all modern Intel CPUs that allow developers to isolate applications in secure "enclaves.")You might also want to message Facebook, Github, Telegram also!! They might be at risk if they are using Intel CPUs!! 😂

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you guys don't need to get all up in arms

I'm getting up in arms because you haven't done enough research and you seem pretty adamant that this is going to be a huge issue

Blair M

It's really nice to see the possible uses cases. I think that's the hard part. To really show what iexec can be used for for non-technical people. 🚀 Even if smart cities may seem far away to some people, it should not be forgotten that 20 years ago we barely had the first mobile phones. Who would have thought that one day we would have the equivalent of a computer in our pocket.

Did the event going well ? 😁

Real partnership like iExec have, where they build things together and share booth or talk on stage during events ? No one 😁

I had a question to the team re: could the network be used for licensed apps which are running cracked software. They ultimately said 'yes, but we dont advise it'. It would not be curated on iexecs own dapp store.So for such workers and users that contribute to such a 'dark' iexec network - they wouldnt necessarily have the reputation/protection/support as the condoned part of the network. Imho It would pose too much of a risk to workers to make dark uses of iexec possible... Until SGX/privacy cpus are the norm for home computers

Good question. Funny, the term 'dark iExec' 👹 In theory, any (dockerizable) application could be registered to be powered by workers on the iExec network. Even if it is not listed on the iExec Dapp Store - private exchanges of resources and RLC can be facilitated by sharing the 'order' privately.In terms of worker protection, I will need to check with the team about the specifics of that one.

It seems RLC price is not matter for the team at all. I appreciate the fact team takes care on the development but they abandoned RLC token at all. Pity😔

Let us not make a drama of this. The market itself with all the developments is already a tragedy in itself. It takes a certain amount of time for the market to indicate the right direction.Cryptocurrency can already be traded without this having to represent a product. Blockchain itself is not a strong sales tool to provide interconnection to parties, just as example kubernetes can not do this alone. It is what you want to achieve with it. iExec as a company will come up with plans to acquire revenues but it is important that this network does not entail any costs in the chain.