Sonm and Golem + 15 % 🙄

Jordy its hard to read all these articles at 10.30 am on Saturday 😅😅

What is the difference between iexec using SGX and Golem using SGX too ?

So what the point of your message ?

Cause it’s not open to public right now

U have to wait workerdrop 3 ans after to see it open

Cutting cost up to 80 % ahah

I want to see this 😊 i dont believe in it at all

Does iexec work yet? Can I contribute computational resources?

Almost. We are waiting for worker drop 3 which should be in some weeks. And after public pool will work :)

What about the bitcoin rsk iexec rumor?

There were an official announcement about Rsk mounth ago

Iexec will powered bitcoin dapps