Ill pm you the username of the wizard that set it up. He might be able to provide insight

Glad to see the iExec logo on the subreddit. No longer a ringed planet! 🙌

So much focus from so many teams: established and new are scrambling to take foothold in blockchain/distributed computing. iExec have positioned themselves really well.

I personally suspect we shall see a much wider reduction in token velocity coming from the buyer/user side than that from PoCo. I envision companies maintaining a balance of RLC in their wallet month to month, as opposed to always opting 'just in time' procuring of RLC. If you had an electric meter that was pay as you go & knew you'd be using x amount of electricity thriugh the month you would typically top up a conservatuve estimate of what you would use for the whole month as opposed to every 2 minutes you watch television/have a light on

Afterall the balance carries forward and is an asset to even be resold if the company no longer has need for the system. Much like budgeting for traditional cloud contracts month to month but with added benefits of re-saleability and paying only for what is used.

I'm sure there will be automation to help facilitate just in time procurement of RLC for market needs but not every buyer/user will necessarily opt for that methodology

*Tesla Model X

*Roadster By 2020 we might be able to afford it 😅

France is fast becoming a crypto nation, fascinating

Very fascinating. Its a great initiative and the way they are doing will breed creativity and innovation - not just capital. France: "What can we do to help blockchain help the people" The rest of the world: "What can we do to help blockchain help ourselves and banks"

Blair M
Hi Guys, I am currently drafting up some questions for the iExec FAQ page. Any suggestions? The catagories of questions are as follows: - -Business - Technology - Research and Development - RLC Token

Might be good to split the FAQ by audience: Enterprise FAQ for businesses, Develop FAQ four building on iExec & a Network FAQ for everyone else. Also I'm sure your aware to jam in as many great phrases/key words as possible to boost SEO on key phrases 😊

Thanks for the awesome response. For certain uses, wouldnt traditional cloud be a better option as iEXEC would always be more expensive due to its redundancy requirement in Proof of Contribution.

Its unknown how the cost of PoC will fare against overheads and profit margins for traditional cloud companies. It really depends on how the free (&global) market value tasks. PoC could still be much cheaper than centralised solutions and if not, provides enough value for utilisation with certain use cases

PoC may add to the cost of tasks but tasks will not have rent, employee salaries and business licenses to factor into costs. Task price should largely be dictated by electricity price in the beginning, for workers to remain competitive as demand wont be so strong to begin with

Only time will tell, at the minute we have no kpi's to base our analysis on. But for every independant worker doing maintenance on their rig and factoring that into price, there will be another working with no issues undercutting them for work. Also electricity in Iceland is cheaper than UK, so price would be driven down to that point if demand is not high enough. And heck its even cheaper elsewhere in the world. This will in theory drive price down but perhaps lose scale of workers where its too expensive with electric. Perhaps for scaled work, centralised systems will be more economical in at least the short term, but for smaller tasks iExec could be the most economical.

Did you guys received the newsletter normally ? I heard that many people got the NL straight into their spam folder 🙁

Gmail account here, registered from UK - came straight through to my inbox as intended. However, I cant recall if I have clicked on 'not spam' before or not.

Is oracle blockchain cloud service a project?

Oracle is one of the major incumbent fin tech firms. They offer business solutions for accounting (ledgers), HR and other business functions. Many Oracle users utilise cloud computing for hosting and interacting with the data. I'm actually using Oracle right this moment at my job. It makes sense for them to be working hard on incorporating blockchain into their products: however, being a centralised company it will not be able to embrace certain features of blockchain tech via decentralisation.

💪😊 Great! Will there be a recording of this to digest? Very interested to hear about potential use cases on this front and how the Ubisoft program in general is going for iExec.

@BlairMac Looks like Coinbase is serious about greatly increasing listed cryptos: You can read through the listing application here: I think iExec has a strong case for listing with them, scoring goals in most of thr categories with impressive substance to back it up. The only criteria that could be troublesome is (decentralised) token governance mechanisms (whilst PoCo is a good use of this, I think they are looking for distributed governance on other core issues) and also token velocity/trading volume. Please apply! 😅

👍 its free to apply, so you have nothing to lose

Regardless of RLC listing, I see it as a great indicator of money waiting to enter alts which have passed scrutiny and through a trusted channel. Maybe btc dominance won't hit 60%+ afterall

Less than Golem and Sonm iirc. 60m rlc sold at token sale, 27m kept for business, founders/early investors etc. I think its quite a fairly distributed project and they are pretty transparent

I think after early investors, bounties etc its more like 15-18m but I could be wrong. But either way its not too bad at all, most ICOs nowadays cashgrab at least 40% 😏😞 XRP is a whole different story 😂

👍 Nice one Jordy

Im curious as to European sentiment on a Brexit deal being agreed by November amongst our Euro friends. No deal would mean both GBP and EUR take a big ol' hammer to the face against USD. Anyone thinking crypto could be a good hedge? I'm tempted to move half of my GBP into crypto before November

Blair M
Sajida Zouarhi is a PhD and super interesting! She’ll talk on some crazy cryptographic methods with a introduction to a decentralized 'blind computation' platform.

Interesting! Consesys + Parity at iExec Summit 😍 Could the blind computation platform be involved with iExec at all? Is it a cryptographic solution somewhat akin to what SGX offers through hardware?

As in hiding inputs/outputs

I see, still another arrow in decentralised computings security quiver. Thanks for your answer Julien

Scammers are evolving. Trying to prey on father's desires to provide and on incels 😂 Id like to think no one falls for this bs, but their prevailance shows there must be some ultra guilable folk out there.

I cant spell lol. Gullible

Gullible means over trusting

James Coleman III
can we use our hardware on the network?

Soon. Workerdrop 3 should be held in the coming week(s) and public worker pools deployed shortly after

All announcenents are here: @iexec_announcements

Excited to read the Dev Letter today. Its my understanding that Microsoft Azure offer Ethereum Proof of Authority, leveraging Parity's POA client - so I am wondering if iExecs use of Paritys POA client will help enable iExec Marketplace/Network to be offered as a product on Azure

Ömer Gündüz
need some good news for price increase or new partnerships?

I dont know about news that affects price - but I think we are due a Dev letter that details some important aspects (sidechain, info on how code is updated on mainnet), possibly some news regarding blockchain gaming (maybe a dApp to be deployed using iExec?) and some news from Korea. Also theres further information to be deployed regarding workerdrop #3, subsequent public worker pools and excitement leading up to Devcon 4/iExec Summit. Should be an insightful month!

IIRC someone from the team said they are making the interface for the marketplace sexier too. So that will be great to see whenever its ready

Wow great read!

I wonder if people will start cloud companies in years to come whereby they basically arbritrage from iExec and defined worker pools to their own customers. Much like how prediction businesses are popping up with their own front end but ultimately connecting to Augur. With the order book as detailed in the latest article, i suspect it would make it far easuer for businesses to leverage iExec not only for their own computations but if they wanted to stick a white label on it

Exciting week for iExec

Scott Gray -
They should upload more frequently

Blender renders would be a good one. Once a week or so - (iExec) Blender render of the week. 'look what was rendered on our network'