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Jordy Hut
As a worker, developer and data provider you will earn RLC. Each node of RLC staking 30% of the requested computing. Computing is subdivided into work, time and costs, difficulty level, properties of hardware and categories, schedule of PoCo's reputation model provides confidence that public and private workers deliver quality. With devconIV an end to end SGX encryption will be demonstrated that protect user's input data and results in a simple and secure way. Sidechain solutions with Paritybridge and polkadot provide more space for redundant transactions in gas costs and speeds that work with the PoA configuration. A change in optimization has also taken place in worker containers. Uses default docker runtime and every job lauched by worker will be executed in Kata Containers. The security level of iExec will be high in connection with ExtremWeb-Hep / PoCo / SGX. The overheating in the protocol will have to reduce in Sidechain solutions and lighter runtime in VM containers etc. The low threshold to staking in RLC gives many opportunities for interaction with public and private workers to give everyone equal opportunities and revise revenue models, how we deal with data. Traditional centralized service provided in computing and distribution of data gives a monopoly of superpower. Where the big buttleneck safety and data management remain, these will only get bigger. This outcome does not added value in how we handle the internet and innovation to 3D Rendering, Scientific Simulations, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Financial Sector Predictions,Risk Evaluation, Data Generation. iExec is company based. The company holding the iExec assets is named IEXEC BLOCKCHAIN ​​TECH, located in Lyon, France. SIRET 82307092500016 Iexec has strong connections in political, fintech and interprise levels. A few examples are: Now test runs RLC on public cloud server from IMB together with Fortanix and SGX intel enclave. Joined IEEE P2418.1 working group for new standards in blockchain technology. Strong attitude with the French senate about regulation of blockchain and token industry. Affiliated with EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (which has recently joined Hyperldeger of the Linux Foundation) China: Dr. ir. Haiwu is a member of the Blockchain Expert Committee of the established China Computer Federation. etc. To return to your question: does holding RLC gives rewards something as node or staking? In the short term you can participate in WorkerDrop3, where you can earn RLC. Public workers will be proposed after this WorkerDrop. But everything will be explained in the DevLetters that releases iExec.

Hi Jordy .. good morning.. what's your view on decentralised cloud being slower and expensive?

Guys ...this coin will give unimaginable gain.. have patience

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Any revenue forecast for next 5 years ?