Wow this has been a hard slide

Could have doubled my holding of I sold at 39

Why did we crash so hard haha

Huge selloff

How did we slide so low lol

I'm actually excited to earn rlc on my computer

My little tiny laptop computing stuff for strangers earning me rlc

We doubled our sat value lol

Then crashed hard

Doesn't this thing eith enigma sort of infringe into what iexec is trying to do

Or am I misunderstanding enigma

Bought more lol

This has to be the bottom

Bleeding hard haha

I dont get who is selling or why lol

Maybe some new posts on r/cc

Someone make a dual post with iexec and enigma talking about Intel supporting the space

How do I get karma for r/cc

They are deleting any iexec posts that get posted in telegram

Token price doesnt matter....

The token is divisible

Stability of price is what matter the numbers are meaningless if they dont change too much

I never thought I would see sub 2k stats against eth ever again

65 cents holy shit

Qhat is happening

White paper project

V excited for worker airdrop

Early workers are probably going to make more because their tokens will be worth more later on

So does anyone know how soon until we can start running iexec on? our computers

Considering buying a GPU 😶

Do we need to participate on airdrop if we just want to be workers for now

Wait has this started yet? I'm having trouble getting into a worker

Bevoming a worker*

Can someone explain what 600 tera Hertz means

With an analogy

Its like GigaHertz but bigger

Yeah no kidding lol what does the terahertz tell me about the number of computer available or an analogy to the amount of computing power available

Those things are dangerous

If binance delisted rlc do I lose my coins that are on there

Everyone make sure to search r/cryptocurrency for posts about iexec from time to time to make sure we help show the community about app the advances the team is making

How many red herring winners didnt become successful companies ?