but it can be transferred to another network easily. and it is even better that they create their own block chain

mainnet has been lunched?

can enough already fall? and then everything is growing, but our token only falls!

every two or three days the price in bitcoins falls by 1000 satosh. where will we catch?)

‼️the stock market Bithumb was hacked. stole more than 30 million dollars

Dennis Parsons
Intel and iexec still working together?

more precisely, Intel has a technology that everyone can take advantage of. I would not call it partnership in its pure form.

Bleeding hard haha

Thank you. you are a master of evidence!

Who was going to buy it, the good times are already beginning. Who now, or a little later will go, as if by the end of the year x3 will make

if analyzed, then we can conclude that the low price will be even beneficial for the project. Command does not need expensive tokens. it's a commercial company, and you need to make a profit. And an expensive token will only interfere. Token is only a payment method, not more.

Well, the fact that many bought a token for 3-5 $ it was your choice. Nobody is responsible for your actions. I believe that for the next 2-3 years the price will not rise above $ 5

It is obvious. But this is more for the traditional business, but not for the crypt, where there is a demand for greater volatility and a rise in prices

here most of these. not many after all will keep the token to the price of $ 100

In 2018 max 6-9$

well, falls even lower means

I will again buy at the level of 10,000 sat. More expensive no. I already lost a lot in dollars ... I bought more than 2 $ !!!

No. Only Russian chat

such information is not told beforehand. it's fake

🇧 🇱 🅾🇨 🇰 🇨 🇭 🇦 🇮 🇳 ™

I want to say that no one knows this. can and 1 dollar be, and maybe 100. just wait

due to the high cost of transactions, very slow speed to talk about the success of the project is not yet possible. there are other companies that have already implemented the delivery of capacity, and with a free commission. While the project is very damp and is designed for long-term investment. I invested a minimum of 2-3 years. but we'll see. the price of $ 15-30 would also suit. at $ 500 I do not believe of course

Как они это читают? ))

Do you still doubt that there will be another price collapse after the news? it's just a game of waiting

it's all good. but what does this have to do with RLC?

I'm waiting for our guys. Is there an exact time for a speech in GMT? who knows?