welcome to the club)

If you look at the task history for your worker and then look at “insertiondate” what does the console say at that date/time event? I got a connection timed out right at the time of the insertiondate.

Yes same here at 17:09.

Do you see “invalid password provided” in the log? Starts with org.web3j.crypto.

And do you have 0.2 ETH in the wallet?

30 does not work.

You need at least 0.2 = 95.08 USD now

They made the 0.2 a strict rule when connecting.

@BlairMac how can I see the number of RLC if I choose to not put it in myetherwallet? I had succesful jobs, but because of wd3 I did not retrieve the RLC value and selected “later” when I stopped the worker. I would like to check the current balance.

Hehe 😄 have to make a quick call to the lambo dealer to cancel my order! Thanks for the methods and the work you all did for this WD. Cheers 👍

It is a proof of concept dapp. This is the originating reddit info.